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Journal Entry #30 - Let's Talk About The Elephants....Schizophrenia, Bipolar Disorder, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Anxiety, and Depression....What Happened During the Process? And my visions? Part 2

Name: Manley M Collins
Social Security Number: 5 7 9 - * * - 6 5 4 1
Date of Birth: 06/21
Place of Birth: Washington, District of Columbia
Country of Birth: United States of America
Date: January 1, 2020

TOPIC: Let's Talk About The Elephants....Schizophrenia, Bipolar Disorder, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Anxiety, and Depression....What Happened During the Process? And my visions?

DEPARTMENT: United States Department of Justice
DEPARTMENT: United States Department of Education
DEPARTMENT: United States Department of Health
DEPARTMENT: United States Department of Transportation
DEPARTMENT: United States Department of Labor

Part Two (2)

Guess what? It seems life does not want me to have anything nice or make an independent living especially in Washington, DC, Maryland, and Virginia.  Since I mentioned I am not getting anything for taking everything away or telling right, read this on my brand spanking new Suzuki Burgman 650 Executive.
I randomly parked my vehicle throughout Zone 6 where the vehicle is registered from 18th St SE, G St SE, 6th St SE, 4th St SE, 18th St NE, 4th St NE, G St NE, L St NE, 3rd St NE, 3rd St SE, M St NE, etc, the list goes on.

1. It was parked on the 400 block of M St NE.....guess what - tags stolen.  So I bought anti-theft screws, thanks to Rhode Island Ave AutoZone Auto Parts.

2. It was parked on the 300 block of A St SE....guess what - total loss while parked.  Let me tell you the story behind this one.  I made sure it stayed in one place until I move since I was doing bicycle.  Saturday, November 2, 2019 around 12  NOON, I checked the motorcycle was fine and standing upright, I checked the tires, tags, felt all over it to make sure nothing happened.  There are no emergency parking signs posted and everyone else's car is sitting in place. Wednesday, November 6, 2019 at 9 AM, motorbike sitting on its side with the evidence that another vehicle hit it very hard and left no information...the paint was red and white from the other vehicle.  I was hot, angry, and upset on how everyone else's vehicle still in place and still no signs posted.  Thanks goodness for full coverage GEICO insurance, right?  I did call 9-1-1 twice to get a cop out to the scene immediately.  The resident of 313 A St SE comes out and she (middle aged, white, plus size woman) says the vehicle was down on its side, Monday morning, November 4, 2019.  My memory bank had to search through every action like a 5Ghz computer chip to understand how did this happened to a parked vehicle.  The resident of 315 A St SE comes out and he (older close to death, white medium sized man) says a truck hit it and signs were posted, and I should give him my information for anything that happens while he was hopping in another car.  The construction crew from across the street comes out and asked what happened.  I am submitting the evidence and information on my insurance claim while waiting for towing service.  The resident of 311 A St SE saw I was waiting by the motorbike until towing came, she (a 50ish, white brunette lady, slender) tended to her two dogs and paid me no mind.  The resident of 309 A St SE saw I was waiting by the motorbike until towing came, he (a younger, white brown-to-black haired dude, medium sized) seem to be heading to work...I was going to talk to him to validate 315's story. Towing arrived....guess who came back at the time of arrival of tow truck?...the resident of 315 A St SE.  The resident of 315 A St SE and I had a discussion before about the bike and his car, but did not exchange information.  Back story to 300 block A St SE, I stayed one day in October 2019 to due touchups on my vehicle and I saw people rotating and moving their cars around to either escape DC parking enforcement for visitors or provide a different scene for the DC parking attendant.  Back to the original story, as I was working with the tow truck driver to move the motorbike on the truck, 315 A St SE resident and I are going back and forth about he did not know if my vehicle was registered or had a residential parking permit (which is posted on front windshield of bike) and also you can check the vehicle tags, and he was trying to validate his story of the truck that came and hit it and it was no way to catch the tags, and I asked him where were the signs.  315 A St SE owns a red mustang permanently parked in front of his residence with a beatup front bumper that seems to ran into many my suspicious lies there because no one from the block can validate his story and neither the cops.

Guess what else happened?  As I am doing my claim, Thursday, November 7, 2019, the independent valuation company and GEICO came with estimate $7,173.  I financed $12,000 for the vehicle.  I wondered why so low.  I always had full coverage on all my vehicles and insurance always paid them fully.  I went the to dealer and service department.  The estimate to repair my vehicle was $7,804, which makes the vehicle a total loss to insurance company. I sat down with the dealer manager and we talked.  He said since I did not put anything down and did not have GAP insurance that I am on the hook for remainder of the loan. I am still getting through my mind, they sold me a $7,000 vehicle for $11,000 with full coverage insurance and extended warranty, and he stated I needed GAP insurance because my depreciation did not catch up with my payments on vehicle. I was about to blow a fuse.  So if my FULL coverage insurance does not pay this vehicle off, that poor GAP loan money will just have to wait until all depreciation catches up with it because it will not be paid.

Friday, November 8, 2019, I surrendered my tags to the DC DMV and submit paperwork to insurance company.

The insurance company sent me a letter that I had options for my insurance. They actually validated the dealer's story in keeping the vehicle as a salvage vehicle and can have unlimited total losses. I thought decades and ten vehicles later that this knowledge came to me.  Anyways, I canceled insurance and let the vehicle go.  It was interesting that I did more paperwork for this vehicle than my previous vehicles.  For the very first time and remembering what my stepdad did (for our green limo/bus), I am going to participate in an auto auction.

Highest memory of the Suzuki Hayabusa was riding it from Springfield, Virginia to Washington, DC in the HOV lanes...kept up the cars and got the bike up to 110 miles per hour.  It was a great adrenaline rush.

Also, for anyone with a motorbike, the best place to play is Dupont Circle on Connecticut Ave NW under the bridge...I got the bike up to 90 miles per hour.  Another great adrenaline rush during travels or deliveries.


On Friday, November 8, 2019, Smoothie King was my final W-2 position in the District of Columbia, Maryland, and Virginia. The reason for the abrupt ending was to focus on the transition and watching what else does happens when I person stays in place.  I also had two total losses of brand new vehicles in one year by no fault of my own under the same insurance company in the same city.  However, let me talk about H Street NW Smoothie King. It was a small format red and white.  We became an instant family and met the owner's family.  It was truly Smoothies with a purpose. Smoothie King was to become apart of the everyone's active and healty lifestyle, and a portion of the profits went to the owner's neighborhood in Ethopia.  It is the best recommended store I do not mind being associated with for healthy and performance enchancing smoothies.  Of course, the store was located on the strip of all kinds of activity - homeless, oils, singles, alcohol, theft, etc.  The store owners were a white male, ethopian lady, and the kids and they had another location in DC.  The store had a morning female manager and evening female manager.  It had a morning male shift lead - the owner's junior manager.  I was a blend employee promoted to mid afternoon shift lead.  The original female evening shift manager was doing super big personality and did not care in a way that it was hard to get through the day.  The female evening shift manager was combining construction, retail, homeless, and restaurant all at the same time.  The original female morning shift manager was very good and it showed from her experience including her structure.  However, the morning shift manager had everyone at the store - all her family and phone calls to the store were off the hook - it was funny.  The male shift lead from New Orleans was a funny dude with his administrative/office background.  He would leave messes for other people to clean up and moved slow as a turtle.  He kept twerking and dancing everywhere. Some people liked my extrovert personality because I was the promoter of anything Smoothie King, I ensured about 80% of the customers have that personable experience, or say something to somebody when their message does not get through to the person. My job was handling the front of the house/store, do rotations, do retail, translate/transfer all management messages to the next shift, and talk to the customers. A brother and sister was working in the store.  The two siblings had two different personalities.  I enjoyed their little sibling disagreements and agreements all at the same time.  The girl sibling kept long nails, Diana Ross hair, and always kept talking to family and friends on the phone.  The girl hair kept falling in the ice and DC Health customers complained about it. The boy sibling wore pants with a string tied around it and a customer complained for seeing his underwear.  After the original female evening manager was fired/terminated, another young lady with dreads was trained to close the store.  She had another job during the day.  She had all her personal business go haywire in the store with domestic violence spilling over to the store.  She and the boy sibling with dreads had this love and hate relationship going that it was funny. She kept telling the boy sibling to do stuff, and he would do the opposite and not listen. She had fun mocking people, and I was unsure if she was talking to herself or someone on the phone.  They all knew I spoke to myself silently when stressed or alot pushing through my mind.  The Ethopian soccer boy kept flying from the cash register to pouring smoothies in a flash.  I thought I was fast, but he kept doing it.  He was funny, but kept coming in with his funky Smoothie King shirt.  We gave him cologne and throw it in the washer/laundry.  He insisted on keep coming smelling like the soccer field he just played on.  The Ethopian girl was funny too by coming in messing up operations and the system we (the two morning leads and I) had.  The Ethopian girl normally would go to Rhode Island Row and work.  She was a messy girl when making smoothies. Powder be everywhere.  Juices all over the place.  She definitely does some of the cross contamination of products.  One African-American girl from Connecticut and student at a college was only working one day a week and hardly to keep working on that day.  She would call out at the last minute/one hour before her shift starts.  Also, she was giving free cups like water to anyone who asked.  Another new black, young girl came from Rhode Island and hired through the Marion Barry program was cool a little, but kept doing Rhode Island stuff at H Street by combining same smoothies in one blender.  I know they are disappointed I am gone especially when I was the most flexible person that filled in for most callouts or messed up scheduled times by owner.  Smoothie King does provide fresh products, but overprepping does lead to expired product which is still served to the customer.  I do like the concept of the clean blends and the no-no list of products not in the smoothie.  Smoothie King can get big like Popeyes or Starbucks.  Customers sometimes assume we are the former Starbucks that was in the location or Capital One that was also in the same location.  Customers did have some funny ways to make a smoothie especially the ones that take everything out of the smoothie, and put a whole bunch of different ingredients knowing they not going to drink it.  The scamming professionals - one pretty young lady came in mentioned she spoke to me and the manager that she had a bad experience with a smoothie last week. This pretty young lady had no receipt and no smoothie.  We had one young girl on cruthes ordered a drink with everything in it, stated she worked for the company, and she always get the same smoothie all the time.  She kept giving us a hard time on the smoothie while the line out the door, then did not have a penny to pay for it. The neighborhood high school kids felt bad and paid for it.  Another homeless lady come in and grab retail, head straight to the bathroom to eat the product and leave the evidence, and smelled so bad.  A construction latino male came in and kept trying to connect with me stating he is pro-life and needed to roll up his drugs/weed in the bathroom, and he is going to purchase a smoothie.  I had to think why he needed to tell me what he is going to do in the restroom.  Homeless males were the boldest to panhandle in the store or right at the door.  One homeless male kept passing the door back and forth, then came in to talk about owning the block and throwing homophobia slurs and talk.  We made customers pay for using the restroom by asking them to make a purchase even it is just a cup of ice or water.  The majority of support came from the neighborhood high school kids and the high school sports teams, the neighborhood community college, apartment complex, a major retail store, and neighboring businesses and organizations.

Email went straight back to DC Metropolitan Police Department.

I thought of a new concept for every call on 9-1-1 to follow up with email for credibility.

My November 5, 2019 Physical Report

Unity Healthcare
Upper Cardozo Health Center
3020 14th Street NW
Washington, DC 20009

Composite Metabolic Panel (Overall Result = normal)

Glucose (Value = 78)(Reference Range = 65-99 mg/dL)

BUN (Value = 17)(Reference Range = 6-24 mg/dL)

Creatinine (Value = 1.05)(Reference Range = 0.76-1.27 mg/dL)

eGFR if NonAfricn Am (Value = 87)(Reference Range = >59 mL/min/1.73)

eGFR if Africn Am (Value = 100)(Reference Range = >59 mL/min/1.73)

BUN/Creatinine Ratio (Value = 16) (Reference Range = 9-20)

Sodium (Value =142)(Reference Range = 134-114 mmol/L)

Potassium (Value = 4.3)(Reference Range = 3.5-5.2 mmol/L)

Chloride (Value =104)(Reference Range = 96-106 mmol/L)

Carbon Dioxide, Total (Value =23)(Reference Range = 20-29 mmol/L)

Calcium (Value =9.3)(Reference Range = 8.7-10.2 mg/dL)

Protein, Total (Value = 7.0)(Reference Range = 6.0-8.5 g/dL)

Albumin (Value = 3.8)(Reference Range = 3.5-5.5 g/dL)

Globulin, Total (Value = 3.2)(Reference Range = 1.5-4.5 g/dL)

A/G Ratio (Value = 1.2)(Reference Range = 1.2-2.2)

Billrubin, Total (Value = 1.2) (Reference Range = 0.0-1.2 mg/dL)

Alkaline Phosphatase (Value = 72) (Reference Range = 39-117 IU/L)

AST (SGOT) (Value = 17)(Reference Range = 0-40 IU/L)

ALT (SGPT) (Value = 12)(Reference Range = 0-44 IU/L)

RPR (Overall result = negative)

RPR (Value = Non Reactive)(Reference Range = Non Reactive)

Trichomonas (Overall result = negative)

Trichomonas vag by NAA (Value = Negative) (Reference Range = Negative)

HIV (Overall result = negative)

HIV Screen 4th Generation wRfx (Value = Non Reactive) (Reference Range = Non Reactive)

CBC without diff (Overall result = wnl)

White Blood Cell (WBC) (Value = 4.3)(Reference Range = 3.4-10.8 x10E3/uL)

Red Blood Cell (RBC) (Value 4.32)(Reference Range = 4.14-5.80 x10E6/uL)

Hemoglobin (Value = 13.7)(Reference Range = 10.0-17.7 (g/dL)

Hematocrit (Value = 40.7)(Reference Range = 37.5-51.0 %)

MCV (Value = 94)(Reference Range = 79-97 fL)

MCH (Value = 31.7)(Reference Range = 26.6-33.0 pg)

MCHC (Value =33.7)(Reference Range = 31.5-35.7 g/dL)

RDW (Value = 11.4 [Low]) (Reference Range = 12.3-15.4 %)

Platelets (Value = 229)(Reference Range = 150-450 x10E3/uL)

QuantiFERON TB Gold Plus (Overall result = negative)

QuantiFERON Incubation (Value = Incubation performed)

QuantiFERON TB Gold Plus (Value = Negative) (Reference Range = Negative)

QuantiFERON Criteria (Value = Comment)(The QuantiFERON TB Gold Plus result is determined by subtracting the Nil value from either TB antigen (Ag) tube. The mitogen tube serves as a control for the test.

QuantiFERON TB1 Ag Value (Value = 0.03) (No reference range in IU/mL)

QuantiFERON TB2 Ag Value (Value = 0.03) (No reference range in IU/mL)

QuantiFERON Nil Value (Value = 0.03) (No reference range in IU/mL)

QuantiFERON Mitogen Value (Value = >10.00) (No reference range in IU/mL)

Chlamydia trachomatis, NAA (Value = Negative) (Reference range = Negative)

Neisseria gonorrhoeae, NAA (Value = Negative) (Reference range = Negative)

My November 11, 2019 Sexually Transmitted Diseases Report

Whitman Walker
1525 14th St NW
Washington, DC 20005

Chlamydia/GC Ampli. Ureth, Cerv, Urine STD Kit
Chlamydia trachomatis, NAA (Value = Negative) (Reference range = Negative)

Neisseria gonorrhoeae, NAA (Value = Negative) (Reference range = Negative)

IH Rapid HIV
L-HIV 1/2 ELISA (Value = Non-Reactive/Negative) (Reference range = Negative)

RPR With Reflx to Quanti and Confirmatory FTA
RPR (Value = Non-Reactive) (Reference range = Non-Reactive)

Chlamydia/GC NAA, Pharyngeal STD Kit
C. trachomatis, NAA, Pharyn (Value = Negative) (Reference range = Negative)

N. gonorrhoeae, NAA, Pharyn (Value = Negative) (Reference range = Negative)

Chlamydia/GC NAA, Rectal STD Kit
C. trachomatis, NAA, Rectal (Value = Negative) (Reference range = Negative)

N. gonorrhoeae, NAA, Rectal (Value = Negative) (Reference range = Negative)

Syphillis (Value = Negative) (Reference range = Negative)


My December 5, 2019 Physical Report

Unity Healthcare
Upper Cardozo Health Center
3020 14th Street NW
Washington, DC 20009

Blood Pressure 93/43 and 95/45 (low blood pressure)

Heartbeat 67 beats per minute

Weight - 168 lbs to 171 lbs

Psychiatrist suggested two options for me Abilify or increase dosage of olanzapine to 10mg.  I told her I would not be able to function at 10mg.  She states 2.5mg is not working and it is the dosage of a two (2) year old.  Citalopram is sedation too and works comments on taking that one.  We discussed all the medications regarding sedation and non-sedation. I enjoyed the sedation part of olanzapine.  When I came off olanzapine, that named city 'C' happened with the participation of New York, District of Columbia, and South Carolina. When I researched the side effects of Abilify and that named city 'C' aunt came through so big, yes they f*cked up their own brother (my daddy) to death as nurses.  You will have figure a new way to do the son (or nephew) while on olanzapine up and down dosages and he will never speak or see any family until April 3, 2056.  Life according to olanzapine and me while taking it everyday works for me until the rest of my life or until all manufacturers stop making it.  I am still Superman and Queen Elsa combined (ice, cold, and angry) took Princess (Queen) Anna (warmth and care) away April 3, 2016.


My December 10, 2019 Physical Report

Unity Healthcare
Upper Cardozo Health Center
3020 14th Street NW
Washington, DC 20009

Blood Pressure 103/56 and 100/53 (low blood pressure)

Heartbeat 55 beats per minute

Weight - 168 lbs to 171 lbs

My last talk with the primary care physician.  I told her everything was okay.  We went over my numbers and tests.  She did confirm that according to my weight that a lipid (cholesterol) test was not necessary.  She and I talked about the level of voices that was going in my head...I stated it was residual voices and families.  She and I discussed getting more exercise, getting rest, monitoring weight, and eating healthy.  She advised of a new app called Insight Mediation for sleep music.  She discussed the monitoring of kidneys and liver while on Truvada and so far my kidneys and liver are functioning healthy.  She stated all my blood count and numbers are appropriately healthy.  She also stated low blood pressure is my normal window for the past several years.  I did not tell her about the bike accident that gave me a mild concussion in Washington, DC and almost took out my left arm...saving that examination for South Carolina.


To cap off the divorce with my birthplace metro area (Washington, DC), I was traveling in the southbound lane of North Capitol St NW on my way to perform a delivery.  Guess what happen?  An SUV parked  on North Capitol St NW in front of GPO building decided to open its door without looking. Cross street is H Street NW.  I swerve and hit the door, then slid into the middle lane in which a smaller sedan slammed on brakes hitting me.  Thank God my left arm took the brunt of the impact and my bike helmet giving me a slight concussion, temporary blackout, and anger release.  Yes, the bike was fine.  The same MPD officer showed up that took my first bike accident in the area few months ago.  The driver of the Maryland SUV was a black female and had a teenager female passenger.  The driver of sedan was black older female and mentioned she had a scratch on the bumper.  Everyone (DC MPD and US GPO Officers) kept asked for my driver's license.  I guess it was an assumption that I would have a different state/city driver's license. I came to and felt fine.  I declined the ambulance because I wanted to get checked out elsewhere and not in Washington, DC.  The headache and left arm soreness came the next few days.  Poor Maryland SUV girl stated it could have been worse.  True, it could have been avoided if she looked out of her driver's mirror to watch for bicyclists.  She stated ride on the sidewalk, but DC is a city made with bike lanes.  If you are driving any type of vehicle of four wheels or more in any metropolitan city, then you have to watch for pedestrians, bicycles, scooters of two motorized types, skateboarders, segways, uniboarders, etc.  I am not pursuing paperwork on any of the drivers' from any of my accidents because DC MPD does not get it right, and I am leaving DC, Virginia, and Maryland for good.  Life already stated I am getting nothing out of the situation.

From that moment of recovery, I had to rush through all my talk, memories, and what I sent to the universe for such an accident happen.

Again, biological family of all types, I do not want to see, talk, or speak with you until April 3, 2056.  All biological family make sure you have the medical, witness and legal proof to be called "family" after April 3, 2056.

Time to occupy my time with track and field competitions, and gun competitions (did not know this existed).  NRA has rifle competitions, but I have no place to store a rifle.  NRA, I will stick with pistol competitions and I have plenty of places to store my pistol accompanied with knife.  Why all the Glock Sight and Lasers accessories all sold out?

Regarding IAAF (International Amateur Athletic Federation), USATF, and World Athletics, life showed me all the missed opportunities if I would have stuck with that one track and field sport via YouTube.  I am slightly angry and pissed.  The masters division have similar activities, but not as exciting nor as much television and media coverage.

It is very interesting how Muscle and Fitness, and Men's Health came back into my life through International Federation of Body Building (IFBB) and YouTube.  All the celebrity athletes I remembered came back through YouTube on how they developed their bodies.  I did want muscle big when I was younger, but I do not want to be that big...I was aiming for power for sprinting.  I am going the other direction (slender figure) which means lighter due to running in my age group and very healthy living plus healthy numbers.  However, if I can get a Mr. Olympia Physique competition and place first (1st) twice, I would be happy. 
It hurts like h*ll in losing weight and keeping it off.  Everyone remembers a small Marvell and yes, he is going back to small Marvell.

Eventually, I will look for employment.

I visited Shiloh Baptist Church in Shaw neighborhood in was a wonderful experience with African-Americans again. To experience something different, the entire church did the entire Doxology in sign language.  It was good to see.  Gallaudet University, if you need a church or watch Shiloh on public television, I recommend it 100%.  Greater Mt. Calvary (Edgewood/Brookland neighborhood) and Shiloh (Shaw neighborhood) signs the entire service.  I have not been to an African-American church in three years....I almost did not know how to act, but it was fun.


I was very surprised to be able to gain access to a former consumer technology tool that had my account since 2001.

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