Saturday, April 15, 2017

Journal Entry #20 - Happy Easter Sunday, March Madness, and Great Time Campaigning

Name: Manley M Collins
Social Security Number:  5 7 9 - * * - 6 5 4 1
Date of Birth:  06/21
Place of Birth:  Washington, District of Columbia
Country of Birth:  United States of America
Date: April 16, 2017

TOPIC: Happy Easter Sunday, March Madness and Great Time Campaigning

Happy Easter everyone. The City of Washington in the District of Columbia is such a beautiful city with all the revitalization.  When I am walking and biking through the city while campaigning, I discover communities inside communities.  I would have never seen these areas while driving or metroing.  Some neighborhoods piqued the interest of who is leaving solicitation on their cars and homes.  The weather has been kind for me to finish campaign first wave on time.  Campaign second wave starts in the spring.
Campaign third wave starts in the summer, this one would involve personal appearances and going out to see what the issues/topics of interest are going.  Benjamin Banneker start at engineered this city went pretty well and easily walkable.  SouthEast (near metro stations) was actually nice and undergoing revitalization.  Northeast still the same and undergoing revitalization...mostly use of greenery and dormant land.  NorthWest is preparing for the big change of the former water treatment plant near the hospital zone to covert into a mixed use community.  I got so use to seeing that lake and the was sense of peace outside of the National Mall Reflecting Pool(s).  SouthWest is getting more updates, but the projects are still the same and I was able to walk through and campaign without getting shot...LOLing.  I spoke to more people in the SouthWest and SouthEast neighborhoods while campaigning at late evening to night time. 

This summer I will see the updates in new National Museum of African American History and Culture by Smithsonian Institute....I already saw the first one/old one in the early 2000s.  I attended or started the volunteer program with the Metropolitian Police Department as a Reserve Officer or Auxiliary Officer...that should be took two times to pass the Physical Assessment Test (PAT) in the heavy body fat 8.1% (hint: eSOPH is a lead in example of United States Department of Defense or the Federal Government's Top Secret program).  I also attended a session a previous volunteer firm, ByteBack, to teach again to first time users how to use a computer, build a computer, or use Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint). 

I participated in the Washington Area Bicyclists Association's Anacostia Bike Trail which started at RFK Stadium and finished at Anacostia River Festival.  The trail goes through the Kenilworth and Mayfair neighborhoods all the way to College Park, MD and Takoma Park, MD.  WABA and our group stayed on the DC side and was sponsored by the District of Columbia Department of Transportation.  Thanks DDOT.  The trail was very beautifully done.  Anacostia River Festival was fun and the giveaways for bicyclists was unbelievable.  The entertainment was good and got to see inside a DC SWAT vehicle.  I started getting up early to start attending Sunday School again.  Back on the campaign trail.

I was happy to see the Furman Singers (Furman University) come sing at my church.  It was good to see and communicate with some more South Carolinians.  Congratulations University of South Carolina Gamecocks for getting to the Sweet 16, Elite 8, and Final Four boys and girls of the NCAA Tournament!  Congratulations to University of South Carolina girls for winning their first title and University of North Carolina for winning their upteenth title.  I am trying to catch as many of the games as possible, but the overturning of most of the number ones early was wild so many Cinderellas.  The epic match up would be North Carolina versus South Carolina.  I do agree with LeBron James 'resting is a part of the sport.' NBA doing back-to-back games is like the NFL doing the same thing and no one would be good for any championship.   Poor Colin Kapernick, he cannot catch a break, if he had the stats, then a team would pick him up, but the stats are not there and neither a championship.  Congratulations Washington Wizards, I see you big time on the tail of the Cavaliers for the Eastern Conference Champions or Leader.  We, the Wizards, are number one in the Southeast division....keep getting those W's.

Those who took from me and sent me bill....this upcoming Winter Season 2017-2018 will be big.  I appreciate all the major companies granting me credit (more debt), sort of unexpected, but whatever works.

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