Saturday, December 31, 2016

Journal Entry #19 - Old Life with some New Life Modifications


Name: Manley M Collins
Social Security Number:  5 7 9 - * * - 6 5 4 1
Date of Birth:  06/21
Place of Birth:  Washington, District of Columbia
Country of Birth:  United States of America
Date: December 31, 2016

TOPIC: Old Life with some New Life Modifications

State of Illinois, County of Cook, City of Chicago and City of Harvey, we are done.  You can mail me anything that belongs to me to Washington, District of Columbia.

Washington, DC, I never appreciated my primary home so much...any outside opportunities I will definitely think five (5) times before moving again. You (DC) welcomed me back with all my shenanigans.  A whole of lot of innocent bystanders, but we all know there is a purpose behind every movement through DC, MD, and VA.  The nightlife is back reconnecting to Washington City Paper and Washington Post, and making all advertisements come alive - starting with the Nellie's Sport Bar, 9:30 Club, Karma Nightclub, and Ziegfeld’s/Secrets.  I also saw they built around Aqua and Love Nightclubs.  Archibald's and Fast Eddie's in the same place. Ultrabar and Cobalt pulling same crowds. I spoke to some of the white 9:30 club patrons to find out what bands to see at Black Cat or similar nightclubs. I LOVE ALL MY FRIENDS THAT MADE TIME TO SEE ME OVER THE HOLIDAYS starting with Thanksgiving until present, it felt so good to be loved.  I have been commissioned for Notary Public number 2 for Washington, DC. No, I did not return back to the Nelson or Jones household because 2017 begins MY independent life adventure #2 without doing anymore connected family. Life adventure #2 is only friends, acquaintances, associates, and creating the pseudo-family just like my start mixed with biological connections.  I can drive again, Thank the Lord, and got most of important documents back.  I am only driving two wheels at the moment, but it works. WMATA/Metro, I like the new trains and bus upgrades and keep doing SafeTrack with no pauses. I rode an ART (Arlington Transit) bus for the first time.

Yes, I have worked South Carolina, Georgia, District of Columbia, New York, and Connecticut Senators and Representatives to get me any type of Presidential Inauguration tickets to any event this year.  Thanks to the Senators and Representatives for the responses and working in the background.

Let's see if I can lose 50 pounds to defy biological and natural law of body shape, but 30 pounds is realistic and I am overdue for a photoshoot.  US Department of Defense, if the first hit was 2007, why in the H*LL you decide to waste time to do twice times two (government contractors) hits (workplace violence) again in 2016?  You see I kept the power of telling every time a contract opportunity comes up regarding security clearance until 2023 for incident management.  Thanks for the help or start, I did get my CompTIA A+, Network+, and Security+ renewed for three (3) years. Dissertation Version 3 submitted to my committee after dissertation editor made their comments.

Thanks for the great meals, Central Union Mission, Martha's Table (known affiliation with FBC), Walmart, Safeway, Giant, Whole Foods, and Harris Teeter.  It was a pleasure to meet the new FBC pastor and her entire Pennington-Russell clan at the church and their new home.

Since I am temporarily cashflow broke, but do have credit. Other banks mentioned earlier, I am coming back to get my secured or unsecured credit card.  Right now, I need to create unnecessary bills.

Happy New Year! Goodbye 2016 and all previous years except 1976! Welcome 2017 a brand new CRAZY ME, all my names are being used, and change everything, throw in everything, mix it up!  My structure is still intact with confidence.

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