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Journal Entry #55 - South Carolina is Not Innocent...Child Rape, Child Molestation, Sodomy, Child Sexual Abuse, First Degree Sexual Assault....the Beginning of my Chaotic Life....Everyone Tried to Keep Under Wraps


Name: Manley M Collins

Social Security Number: 5 7 9 - * * - 6 5 4 1

Date of Birth: 06/21

Place of Birth: Washington, District of Columbia

Country of Birth: United States of America

Date: June 21, 2020

TOPIC: South Carolina is Not Innocent...Child Rape, Child Molestation, Sodomy, Child Sexual Abuse, First Degree Sexual Assault....the Beginning of my Chaotic Life....Everyone Tried to Keep Under Wraps

DEPARTMENT: United States Department of Health and Human Services

DEPARTMENT: United States Department of Justice

DEPARTMENT: United States Department of Education

This has been heavy on my mind and heart, frequently played as flashbacks in my memories.  I never knew how to tell it.  Please note these are all African-Americans.  Please note the towns covered for the individuals are Eadytown, Pineville, 311/Ridgeville, and Cross.  My mother (B. Collins) sent me down to South Carolina around 1980.  During her separation from R. Jones (my half-brother's father), it began with my mother's first adult, ex-boyfriend in South Carolina, R. Crawford.  It was in the green house built by my great grand uncle/father, B. Collins.  R. Crawford was a light-skinned/light brown toned guy. R. Crawford was tall about 6'1"-6'2" at least when I was child.  He babysat me when she was at work or running late evening errands.  R. Crawford unzipped his pants and let me play with his genitalia (penis and testicles (balls)) under the bedspread covers.  It was awkward, but I played with it.  However, the relationship between R. Crawford and my mother ended. R. Jones came back in the picture and fighting mom as usual for money or making her submit to his demands while he was unemployed.  My mother and R. Jones truly separated this time.  

Then, my mother dated her second boyfriend, W. Butler.  This was in the green house built by B. Collins.  W. Butler was a light-skinned/light brown toned guy.  W. Butler was very attractive and handsome guy.  W. Butler was not that tall 5'7" to 5'9".  W. Butler had nice afro.  My mother and W. Butler had their fights too and my brothers and I watched the domestic violence, but both were independent people.  W. Butler did have a couple of major issues - gambling and alcoholism.  Here comes approximately at 9 years old, I started venturing out into the neighborhood asking the community to help me during various fundraisers.  However, one person took notice and I assumed was my South Carolina so-called cousin was E. Collins because we shared the same last name.  E. Collins is an African-American male, dark skinned, about 5'7"-5'8".  E. Collins was slender at 160lbs.  E. Collins lived on Friendship Circle also dubbed Collins Hill (because a lot of the people with same last name lived there).  E. Collins lived with his parents or someone (but not independently).  E. Collins smoked and was probably 27-30 years old.  As a child - 9 years old, I was not sure if he worked or not and I did not know his lifestyle.  South Carolina culture was not to talk about it any homosexual activity in the 1980s and 1990s, but you can do it and you have to come out heterosexual.  If you were 'fag' or 'queer', you had to exhibit the stereotype of being gay in South Carolina.  So one day, E. Collins along with his bestie at the time, M. Gordon.  M. Gordon lived on Whetstone Dr/Big Woods Rd intersection on his family property.  M. Gordon sexuality was questionable too.  E. Collins started asking my mother if I could walk to the store with him.  My mother and I thought nothing of it and said it was okay.  The trips to the store was Lea's Grocery Store on Edgewater Rd....the trip was no farther than that.  Lea's Grocery store is where my mother's had an interesting trusting I.O.U. or credit tab running with the store.  E. Collins did buy me candy or a snack.  It was cool.  E. Collins and M. Gordon kept these trips up alot, then E. Collins on trips alone started grabbing and touching me inappropriately and I did not know how to respond except to grab and touch him back.  Then, E. Collins took me on trips through the woods, for example the intersection of Wiggie Drive/Friendship Circle/Glover Lane...there was a path leading if you go straight on Friendship Circle next to the former Wigfall home....it led behind the Rock Family Cemetary and one path branched off to dump into Big Woods Rd and the other path dumped to Edgewater Rd.  One day, we stopped in the woods and E. Collins (27-30 year old male) pulled my (9 year old) pants down and attempt to stick his uncut penis/dick/cock inside my butt/ass/gluteus maximus.  E. Collins did achieve full penetration inside my ass/butt/gluteus maximus.  This is called a (gay) bottoming experience.  It was a painful experience and blood everywhere on my underwear and clothes.  As soon as I got home, I took the clothes off, hid it in the laundry, and showered or birdbath the blood off me.  My mother did notice and asked, but I was scared to tell and told her, "I don't know."  However, the experience was different and continued as I continuously accepted this is what families do. The green house burned down.  My mother obtained a single wide, brand new trailer with all the works.  The experience with E. Collins continued, but my mother started interfering and telling him and M. Gordon, 'No' or he is not available.  It was a relief for me because I did not know how to disconnect.  

However, the E. Collins experience plus the way my mother dressed me accentuating my ass/butt/gluteus maximus during puberty, the old school sexual education course, and teasing/taunting by the boys in school led to migrate with feelings toward males. So when I went over to my maternal granddaddy, the late J. President, married to my maternal grandmother, the late R. Collins President.  The late J. President had an alcohol problem so when he was asleep I played with his penis through his boxers front opening and tried jacking/ejaculating him. J. President cum was slimy and clear.  Then, J. President started noticing somehow what I was doing, then we would grind in the hallway of their single wide trailer in Cross until he came.  I also went over to my maternal uncle W. Collins Sr. single wide trailer home.  W. Collins Sr. had an alcohol problem too...and he was divorced/separated from his wife, J. Collins and their kids.  With W. Collins Sr., when he was fully asleep on the couch or the floor, I tried to jack/ejaculate him off, but he could never get hard.  I tried W. Collins Sr. penis on several visits, but his penis never got hard/erected.  

Here comes the girls.  A. 'Netta' Hall came over to our single wide on smaller portion Big Woods Rd/Whetstone Dr.  We played and went to the bedroom.  She got me hard/erected and pulled down my pants was going to give me a blow job/suck my penis off.  However, we got interrupted when our siblings came in the room.  We tried to play it off like nothing happend, but later left the house and went down Whetstone Drive close to the ditch dividing the property from the 'Devine/Levine'.  She was on my bike.  I walked with her.  She pulled out her breast, and I sucked and played with her breast.  Then, she unzipped her pants, I played with her vagina/pussy.  It was an unusual experience, then I started migrating toward my female babysitters.  I tried to play house with M. Devine, my first female babysitter, but she said, "No" and kept batting/sending me away.  I still had feelings toward the males.  When my mother went to work and her boyfriend (W. Butler) was super drunk and passed out in their bedroom, I played with him or attempted have him hold me or sat on the floor next to the bed while he slept in peace.  Then my mother moved the single wide onto her boyfriend's family property where his mother, the late L. Butler Gould.  The late M. Lewis became my babysitter and I kept trying to play house/church with her.  

Again, my mother moved the single wide on the larger portion of Big Woods Rd/Wiggie Drive of the Collins family property.  A. Collins, an African-American male, was the first male babysitter and I tried to play with him, but he batted me away in my home, but we played genitals or at least watch other pee/piss to see what each other's private parts look like near his parents, (P.Collins and I."C"Collins), home on Friendship Circle.  B.Collins and W.Butler got married in the yard of the single wide trailer, but I was angry because I did not want another R. Jones experience.  Hurricane Hugo came to South Carolina, took the single wide trailer my family had, and we lost everything.  Hurricane Hugo provided a break from the E. Collins situation.  The family (B. Collins, W. Butler, my brothers and I) stayed in a small house offered by someone at the of the road where S. Mitchell and H. Mitchell's stayed.  I still migrated toward W. Butler and when he was asleep or knocked out, I laid next to him and pulled his penis out, got him erected, jacking/ejaculated him, and he came alot (all white, thick and creamy semen) and it was a mess.  W. Butler dick/penis/cock was/is large. I did attempt to clean the mess up, but he batted me away and turned to his side away from me.  However, the next day, he was sitting next to my mother with the assumption that I was going to say something or asking why.  My mother obtained a salvaged double wide trailer and it was lightly damned by Hugo, but it was all we could afford.  Now, I have grown and matured a little more, E. Collins wanted to switch up and along the former service road in the wooded area on Glover Lane traveling behind the Glover's homes.  E. Collins said he wanted my dick/penis/cock stuck inside him.  Yes, I did stick my dick/penis/cock inside his butt/ass/gluteus maximus.  Yes, we used condoms on what I learned from sexual education.  I only take condom off for creating a baby or child.

As I am 15-16 years old, the sticking my dick/penis/cock inside another male is called topping in gay/bisexual education.  Then, in school the taunting was there, but less because I kept busy.  By my Junior and Senior year of high school, I went to Washington, DC for the summers.  My former uncle, the late J. Nelson, presented prostitutes to in the Nelson's house for my money to support his and the female prostitute drug habits.  I never took him up on the offer. During my Junior summer year, I went to JTPA's College Connection program at Voorhees College and had my first female crush on K. Hazel because she was intelligent, very good looking African-American female. The  versatile (he fucks me and I fuck him) experience with E. Collins was less during my Junior and Senior year of high school because I kept myself busy.  I did migrate toward a football player, pretty darkskin, super muscled dude, about 5'7"-5'9", named E. Ravenell. E. Ravenell worked in the old location of the high school library.  It was kind of awkward at first because we (both him and I were football players) did not know what do, such as hugging each other and feeling each other entire body/muscles in the old location of the library's conference room.  We did see each other genitalia, but he stuck his dick/penis/cock inside me several times in the audiovisual room using a condom.  E. Ravenell did wanted me to join him in the U.S. Army buddy program when he graduated, but I told him I was going to college.  Thanks for your military service, E. Ravenell.  After my internship with USDA, I moved away from home to on campus at South Carolina State University's Bethea Hall.  

As an adult and returned to South Carolina after 21 years, E. Collins thought we had some type of connection and started asking me for sexual favors.  I told him, 'No' and actually I never wanted to see him at all.  This is where I corrected the situation and felt the adult-child relationship was so wrong especially finding out that he was not family in a sense that he is not in maternal or paternal family tree, we just share the same last name. The discovery of sexual identity, child molestation, child rape, sodomy, child sexual abuse, and first degree sexual assault - I am the Child. (Berkeley County Sheriffs Office Incident Report 202004003555).  In South Carolina's crazy sense of family, E. Collins or any Collins in Eadytown and I may have had ancestors that came on the same slave ship, but the DNA has been mutated alot and no one like me came back to correct it.

Other residual emotions or feelings that are fading memories:

P. Gavin (a girl) was a connection created by Cross High School student matchmaking service for me to have a girlfriend.  Thanks for your military service, P. Gavin.

L. Polite (a girl) was a connection created by Cross High School student matchmaking service for me to have a girlfriend.

T. Brown (a girl from Cross) was my high school prom date.

B. Fuller (a boy from 311/Ridgeville) was a nice, handsome, tall, red, light-skinned boy that is aging well.  He was very nice to me at Cross Elementary and while going through puberty.

K. Pinckney (a boy from 311/Ridgeville) was a football player, handsome, super muscled, strong, and great guy.  I met the core family (mother, father, sister) and he wanted me to come to his home, but I was scared to venture away from Cross/Pineville the area I knew.  I was sort of jealous of him because I wanted to know what was his formula over having all the girls.  When I fainted/had black outs during 5th grade, he was the one carrying me to class or nurse.  Thanks for your military service, K. Pinckney.

M. Britton, Jr. was the hottest thing in biker shorts when they were in fashion...that red, light skinned boy was so wild and crazy.  I did not want to try anything with him because I was afraid he would beat my ass/rear-end or beat me up.  Thanks for your military service, M. Britton, Jr.

I could not connect too much with others because South Carolina family notion of crazy made almost everyone at Cross Elementary and High School cousins.  As I was taught dating or thinking of cousins was a no-no.

In 1999/2000, I lost my heterosexual virginity to Monica Elaine Mitchell in Atlanta, Georgia at my apartment 2929 North DeKalb Drive, Apartment 204 in my waterbed. Rating the relationship and sex from 0 (bad) to 10 (excellent), it ranked one million 1,000,000 hands down for my ride-or-die chick.

Who has the best sexual intercourse?  Heterosexuals.

Who gives the best head/blow job/sucking the penis/dick/cock?  Girls, Ladies, Females, Women

Who eats ass/butt/gluteus maximus well?  Guys, Males, Boys, Gentlemen

Who spurts the best cum/semen/juices?  Girls, Ladies, Females, Women

Who takes penis/dick/cock well?  Girls, Ladies, Females, Women

Who suck toes/lick feet well?  Guys, Males, Boys, Gentlemen

Who tongues/licks the entire body well?  Guys, Males, Boys, Gentlemen

Who has the best parts, such as breasts, to lick/suck?  Girls, Ladies, Females, Women

Who masturbates or ejaculates a dick/penis/cock well?  Guys, Males, Boys, Gentlemen

Who likes getting their vagina/pussy ate out?  Girls, Ladies, Females, Women

Who are the best kissers?  Girls, Ladies, Females, Women


This is Orangeburg, South Carolina

South Carolina State University's Bethea Hall experience started off great, but it got real crazy with my former roommate A. Lawton.  A. Lawton and I was USDA/1890 National Scholars.  We were awarded an internship, a desktop computer, and full 4-year scholarship.  We got introduced a little before we got to campus.  A. Lawton was from Walterboro, SC and I was was coming from Pineville, SC.  The fall semester ended on a bad note when my desktop computer was taken away while I went to compete in NCAA SCSU Men's Track and Field Meet.  A. Lawton insisted that he does not how it was taken, but I made a big stink about it notified everyone - campus police, 1890 liaisions, president of the university, and all the vice-presidents.  They never recovered the equipment, but I got a new room in an upperclassman dorm, Benjamin E. Mays Hall I and was there for the remainder of my tenure/scholarship/student experience.  The new room was deadbolted twice.


This is Orangeburg, South Carolina - Subject: Beta Delta Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc.

The next SCSU experience was good, but different.  It started when I was the ace (#1) of twenty-five fraternity brothers (25 Frozen Pharoahs).  We got along and it was a crazy experience.  N. Gant was the advisor.  It came to Student Government Association scenario.  I loss my Freshman year as a class president candidate, then I won Sophomore class president.  My popularity became strong at the time to run for Student Government Association President; in which, I could have ran twice and won.  However, my fraternity brother, A. Anderson, made a plea to run for president and I run for vice-president.  That decision did not sit well all with me when I knew what the general public wanted.  So Student Government Association, he won president and I won vice-president on the basis that I have the opportunity to run for president the following year.....now A. Anderson only stated he was in his senior year.  Now my opportunity came and the entire fraternity changed their mind and decided to have A. Anderson run against me.  This was a fight to the finish.  I had to work all the athletic teams, international students, and upperclassmen for my votes.  A. Anderson had the freshman class and whomever was his grassroots people.  Remember the girl, K. Hazel, she came to SCSU and became my secretary, and I was giddy with pride and joy.

I graduated from SCSU and moved to Atlanta, Georgia, which was my first very independent and move to experience life fully without rules, and South Carolina's anti-LGBTQ+ culture.  The internet was still in its infant stages and I started posting everything including the fraternity name because I still was somewhat proud to be apart.  I showed one of the brothers, L. Daniel, my web posting and he contacted the undergraduate chapter.  I got a scathing voice mail message from the advisor, N. Gant, to remove the post or name of the fraternity.  I said no.  It was the beginning of horrible letters sent to the the fraternity headquarters, and everywhere that would here my story.  The fraternal bond with the undergraduate chapter was fracture ever since.


Goodbye forever - 285 Big Woods Road, Pineville, SC 29468 (formerly Route 1 Box 181, Pineville, SC 29468 and HC 61 Box 181, Pineville, SC 29468) - My final payment was January 2020 for tax year 2019.  Good luck new owners.


Competition for country or world leader

United States of America - zero (0)


France - two (2)

USA Candidacy Games

Mayor - loss

State Senate - loss

State Governor - pending

US Senate - pending


Independence corrected and achieved for the umpteenth time

Interdependence work in progress

South Carolina, I know good and well, you did not ask me to run for these positions. Based on academic and secular research, most elected or appointed leaders come from the local community. I made the commitment to you based your education system and religious teachings to come back and use my leadership, management, courage and consideration to be able to use me in any capacity. I hope we can establish Win/Win relationship otherwise, please understand with the No Deal option - emotional freedom is established on both sides and either party (S.C. or I) shall never return in each other lives.

United States, you did not ask me to run for these positions. Based on early practices and education, I am thinking why not run in reality since I did it so much in high school and college. I hope we can establish Win/Win relationship otherwise, please understand with the No Deal option - emotional freedom is established on both sides and either party (U.S. or I) shall never return in each other lives until April 3, 2056.


I was sick, mentally ill, and crazy when I held all my thoughts, problems, and issues inside and had limited mental help or care until life forced me to spill out everything while losing "EVERYTHING" (the large takes) except my health and education.

After my storage drives of time, space, and opportunities on how I built my life was gone, my heart and mind turned to stone, and I am continuously saying, "No!" to any attempt for any State to do give and take #2.  Now, I am 100% extrovert in telling my truth through all departments, including mental health, all the hospitals, all clinics, all educational institutions, all employers, licensed therapists, and using the internet with real-time information via blogs, tweets, photos, videos, etc.  You still stay I am sick, mentally ill, and crazy.  So USA, which side is crazy?  Because I am going to keep telling with real-time information.

Right now, life is awkward now because the when I mentally loss control, and control was given to you and any person possessing an ounce or large amounts of DNA that I have.  All conditions were inherited.


The Good, Innocent, Angel, Sainthood playlist

1. It’s My Birthday      Luke (repeat five times per day for 60 days)

2. Wanna Be Happy?          Kirk Franklin

3. Birthday                     Katy Perry

4. There Is Nothing Holding Me Back         Shawn Mendes

5. Chuck Baby             Chuck Brown

6. Tru            Lloyd

7. Little Things      India.Arie (quadruple repeat)

8. I Don’t Care           Ed Sheeran

9. Bonita             CNCO

10. Birthday              Stevie Wonder

Bonus Track - Celebration     Kool & The Gang

The Mischievous, Bad, Demon, Sinner playlist

1. Birthday Cake       Rihanna (quadruple repeat)

2. In Da Club              50 cent (quadruple repeat)

3. Wanna Rock            Luke

4. Homegurl (He Gotta)   Bone (repeat twice)

5. You Can Do It          Ice Cube (quadruple repeat)

6. Touch              Little Mix (triple repeat)

7. Body Language        Kid Ink (repeat twice)

8. Milkshake              Kelis (triple repeat)

9. Jiggle It             Young Leek (repeat twice)

10. Work B**ch      Britney Spears (quintuple repeat)

11. All The Time     Jeremih (quadruple repeat)

12. You                    Jacquees

13. Yummy.              Justin Bieber

Bonus Tracks   -   Bootylicious and Soldier - Destiny Child (repeat five times per day for 60 days)

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