Friday, November 18, 2016

Journal Entry #18 - Run, Run, Run....Early Campaigning


Name: Manley M Collins
Social Security Number:  5 7 9 - * * - 6 5 4 1
Date of Birth:  06/21
Place of Birth:  Washington, District of Columbia
Country of Birth:  United States of America
Date: November 18, 2016

TOPIC: Run, Run, Run...Early Campaigning

We wondered when he was going to get started. Here we go. So let's "Aim High/Above All" and "Semper Fidelis/Few and Proud" and "Semper Paratus", while Mr. Collins is "Be All He Can Be/This We'll Defend" and always giving "Honor, Courage, Commitment."  I am not military, I am civilian with the same discipline as the military.  My campaign team has been notified and let's TAKE Washington, DC.

<photo of DC campaign flyer/poster>

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Journal Entry #17 - So Glad to be Back in DC....Festive Holidays


Name: Manley M Collins
Social Security Number:  5 7 9 - * * - 6 5 4 1
Date of Birth:  06/21
Place of Birth:  Washington, District of Columbia
Country of Birth:  United States of America
Date: November 18, 2016

TOPIC: Thank God I Made It DC in One Piece, Happy and Festive Holidays

I attended an Anglo-Catholic church called The Church of the Ascension or St. Anthony, more related to Episcopalians.  I learned again more history of their religion. It is located directly across from LaSalle Street Church.  Thanks, Moody Christian Church, for the Social activities in Room 309.  Thanks, LaSalle Street Community Church, for similar activities at Cornerstone Center.  Thanks, First Saint Paul's Evangelical Lutheran, for similar activities in your facilities and community meals.  Thanks to the organizations, such as New Life Covenant Northwest and Association of the Precious Blood International, which help fed him during his rough moments in Chicago. 

Microsoft, I purposely missed your Small Business event in Chicago because I already saw you in New York, Washington,DC, California and Virginia. I did not look appropriate for the event with my remaining bags.

To everyone,
Happy Thanksgiving
Happy Kwanzaa
Merry Christmas
Happy Boxing Day
Happy Hanukkah
Happy New Year

Enjoy your holidays everyone.  I know I have been telling folks happy birthday, happy anniversary, and congratulations on my other social networks as I continue to build in more people until I personally/individually selected up to 5,000 per network.  LinkedIn, there is a problem telling people twice on the same event even after days have passed.

I still cannot believe Illinois, DC, New Jersey, and New York did me crazy - did not return any of my items and was not giving me any of the money even after an appeal (Social Security) telling three (3) times not crazy.  Then, you (Social Security) going to tell me to do something less demanding as white collar professional.  Yes, DC, I am severely mad, but grateful to be back here.  Eight (8) years of serious mental illness and now Maryland and Illinois states that I am not crazy or sick.  Yes, I see the giving or psychology the other way, but you can not replace the precious moments developed during his life's work to try and show him the other way.  I do not care about clothes, and if it was possible I would run nude or streak all across America.

Medication management - Zyprexa (olanzapine) and Celexa (citalopram) was the latest and still is the greatest medication they put me on, and has wind down to the smallest dosage.  Illinois recommends three medications during my professional therapeutic session.  The unnamed family route was change the medication to Abilify (aripiprazole) increased side effects is suicide.  Latuda (lurasidone) is the commercial we see daily increased side effects - go back to original crazy and lose mental control without caffeine, chocolate, nicotine leading to suicide.  Depakote (valproic acid) is the route my mother took along with the Loxapine, and we all know what happened when she missed the 3 days of extreme dosage she was receiving (State of South Carolina).  I already did one Abilify shot at George Washington University in Washington, DC, years ago.  I do love the reconciliation (talking it out) that is happening with my mental illness, and all everything and everyone did to me.  Democratic vote - stay on what works for me? or which avenue I should take?

Also, with the medication management, State of South Carolina taught me group and team; always do group and team.  I did group and/or team everywhere I went.  State of Illinois came with a solitary or solitude attitude to do only to communicate with immediate family (no one outside the perimeter of a house or block) and only speak only about Illinois/Chicago and associated Midwestern/South states.  I do not get the solitary or solitude personality, what is that?!?!  I understand the culture each state possess, but Illinois seems do it real hard.  I will not be back for any reason to Illinois, and if required send a representative or call-in sick.

I voted another mixed ticket in Chicago, Illinois through Early Voting.  I like voting in person.  Illinois, I appreciate the voting through the mail, but there is something about sending a ballot through the mail one month ahead to be counted does not sit well with me.
DC DMV, I am coming for another ID. In 2003, DC, I was not in the new system and you gave me H*LL. DMV Director was promoted after I complained so much (or she could have done so well at other things).  In 2015 (you saw me twice Georgetown Service Center), I am in all DC and Federal systems and you still is giving me H*LL on a lost/misplaced ID.

The paperwork has been filed for Washington, District of Columbia Mayor 2018.  The campaign team has been notified and formed.  We will see about early campaigning and see if it pays off. South Carolina and other states, you have been put on notice and in my backpocket. That is right DC, all my eggs are not in one basket and same goes for marbles.  Run once and take the experience to next position.

I will sit for my first LSAT in February 2017. Low score has been ordered and coming right up.

My dissertation proposal has been sent to the dissertation editor for Version 3, and location change from New York to Washington, DC.  My committee has been notified.
Time for retail, back in the gym, and possibly go for financial certifications.  PMI PMP certification is still being worked.  All updated Microsoft SharePoint exams are still postponed, but location changed to Washington, DC.

I am disappointed that UFC gyms are only in Virginia, they could have placed one in DC. Equinox, I have so dearly missed you so much, I never loved a gym like you. I am going backwards through all my gyms and trial memberships.

I am so deeply disappointed I did not make Cross High homecoming and South Carolina State University homecoming, thanks you guys for all the pictures. I see you.

I did dating before started with Yahoo Online Dating in Atlanta, and other sites' chatrooms in Atlanta, Georgia.  As I reviewed my life, I am going backwards and do extreme dating from every site he ever been apart of COMBINED with the physical dating I did in New York.  Washington, DC, prepare for EXTREME dating like no other.  Thanks to California and Virginia, I know how to brand myself through all the sites and all mobile apps.

2015-2016 Reading materials completed through actual reading:
The 10 Emotions of Power by Lawrence L. Salliotte
Directing the Power of Conscious Feelings by Clinton Callahan
Conscious Business: How to Build Value Through Values

2016 Reading materials completed through actual reading/skimming (1st time), then listening to each word (2nd time):
Social Research Methods by Neuman
Statistics Alive by Steinberg
Essentials of Business Driven Information Systems
Management Information Systems for Information Age
Management Information Systems for Digital Firm, 10th Edition
Information Systems Management in Practice by McNurlin and Sprague
Using Management Information Systems, 3rd Edition, by Kroenke

2016 Reading materials currently in process by actual reading:
The Life of George Washington (Five Volumes) by John Marshall (definitely interesting read as I see where all the names come from and his promotion process)
Become a Better You by Joel Osteen

2016 Reading materials in process through actual reading/skimming (1st time), then listening to each word (2nd time):
Where In The World Is My Team by Terence Brake
Managing the Information Technology Resources Leadership in the Information Age by Jerry N Luftman

Planted one (1) or two (2) resumes with 1,000+ global corporations with two (2) to four (4) opportunities ranging from Intern to Vice-President/Senior Director.  United Kingdom and Australia,

I will eventually research the process for a work visa because right now, it seems you do not want to sponsor for some reason.

Planted two (2) out of three (3) resumes with all 50 states plus District of Columbia through US Department of Labor.

Started task of sending/distributing tax paperwork for previous four (4) years to all states receiving taxes.

Thanks Mathematica, US DOC/DOL SBA, and WBDC of Chicago for what seems to be the beginning process of SBA certifications.  I have an approved business plan.  I have to work on the 'site visit' area for 8(a) and MBE/CBE certifications.  Looking forward to finally getting on the GSA Schedule 70 and possible begin making $25,000 so I have heard. FAA, your open and closing periods on RFPs, RFIs, etc., is a week, I guess I have to work on a template to respond that fast.  DOJ, DOTT, DOD, DOT, DOE, DHS, DHHS, DOC, and other agencies, I am reading the FBO information, but I have to work on the template to respond appropriately. I do comprehend the information.  FSD, I am in compliance with the 90-day password change rule for FBO, eSRS, FSRS, CCR/SAM, and other applications.  Same agencies through USAJOBS keep non-referring me when you know I can do the job.  DOC, did accept me and did a phone screen, but did not follow through for a GS-4/GS-5 position.

State of Delaware
Six (6) Civil Suits (against other parties)

State of North Carolina  (against other parties)
One (1) Civil Suit

Position #32 -
State of Georgia (employer) - Position: Notary Public - I purchased an embossed seal, had an entry log, and a stamp ready to sign documents.  I did not advertise, but I assume there was a general registry to lookup notaries.  I did not know the websites until now, such as I still have the certificate as a reminder.  I did find me under The Clerks Authority Georgia Superior Court Clerks Cooperative Authority -

New website is launched under

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