Friday, December 15, 2017

Journal Entry #22 - Moving On With Life, Nothing Personal, and Happy Holidays

Name: Manley M Collins
Social Security Number: 5 7 9 - * * - 6 5 4 1
Date of Birth: 06/21
Place of Birth: Washington, District of Columbia
Country of Birth: United States of America
Date: December 15, 2017
TOPIC: Moving On With Life, Nothing Personal, Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa, and Happy New Year
DEPARTMENT: United States Department of Health and Human Services
DEPARTMENT: United States Department of Labor

This is a general journal entry for updates since July 2017.  Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa, and Happy New Year for all who celebrate.

Gym (Preventive Maintenance)
Gold's Gym is an awesome gym.  I got there and they welcomed me as a part of the family. The group fitness trainer, managers and some personnel staff spoke made me feel at home.  This gym is great for the budget goers.  The group classes were awesome even if I was the only African-American male in the class.  It was interesting that most of the cardio and strength classes were full of women, but yoga was ended up 50% male/50% female.  I joined the Gold's Gym challenge which helped me cut down the weight, but when I lost my mojo and could not get my full routine back.  The weight started creeping up again so I switch gyms. Gold's gym did provide my needs and unexpected wants.  Equinox, I still see you.  Town Sports International helps me think about New York, Boston, and Washington, DC.  The workouts got every part of body sore.  I love feeling this way and always hungry.  I did another weight measurement and it is hovering around 170-174 lbs. After one group class, I felt my middle back for the first time. Another class, I felt my shoulders and legs. I did start a Christmas card campaign to check on a specific condition and see what happens when I do strangers in a group or organization.

Family and Friends
I have started to heal from the war, fighting, and trauma occurred over the past households. I am getting your texts, voice messages, FB notes, etc.  I am not ignoring you, but I have taken myself out of ALL families' business and step families' business. It is nothing personal against any specific family member, but I must set a boundary.  I still have a few wars to finish from first half of life.  I know I have not been back to South Carolina for a good minute, but it was good reason to check out the United States.  I did have a Christmas holiday dinner/social with the District of Columbia Military Reserve Corps (DCMRC).  I spent Thanksgiving at FedEx field for the Washington Redskins versus New York Giants game, I was working the food stand at the club level.  The club level of FedEx Field is very nice.

Therapy in the past for my mental health has been interesting.  I am in intensive outpatient program and never knew therapy could be so helpful and useful. I feel relieved of telling stuff that I never told any other therapist.  I am getting to root of both my breakdowns.  I am getting the comfort that I am not alone with my mental illness. I have a deeper appreciate for hospitals, doctors, nurses, and therapists.  I am able to discuss my current emotions and how all the varied associations affect me.  I am able to discuss the interactions with people and brainstorm with others older, younger, and same age regarding certain situations.  After hearing what happened to birth father, I sent out an advanced hospital directive to apply to specific hospitals through the 13 colonies.  I am also preparing a will and apply for life insurance.  The life insurance process is very interesting.  If you are too healthy, you are most likely to be denied if no medical records can be found on any conditions you claim.

I am participating more with church activities around the holiday season.  I lit the peace candle in the season of Advent.  I purchased a poinsettia in memory of my birth parents.  The losses incurred this year are Manley Rochelle Nolen, Rosabell Jones (brothers' grandmother), Uncle Scooty Jones (brothers' uncle), Chaunya Blackwell (former real estate agent and FB friend), and Al Jerome Frazier (friend from SC).

Position #47 - Amazon
It is amazing how this company works.  All crazy methods worked, but still able to get deliveries on time or same day.  I am learning how to do warehouse and blue collar work.  DDC3 is very different from MKE5-Kenosha, WI.  I did complete knowledge transfer from MKE5 to DDC3 via the VOD board.  I am learning how to work with pallet jacks, unload trailers, thermal printers, bags and cubbies, flex drivers, misdiverts, and TDR semis.  It is fun and a lot of work with a diverse group of people.  Managers and supervisors listen to the employees for what makes sense.  I did start a Christmas card campaign to check on a specific condition and see what happens when I do strangers in a group or organization.  It is very interesting on how much voluntary extra time (VET) and voluntary time off (VTO) offered during peak season with all teams 90 days of hire.

Relationship and Marriage
New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts and New England States, you can ready the girl.  She has to be 18-35 (max is 40) years old, preferrably an attorney or any doctoral degree (no divinity degrees).  Eighty percent (80%) of her family should be from your state or Northeastern geographical area.  She must be aware the relationship will start unnatural with plenty of paperwork.  She will have to be a US Citizen and born in your state.  She must be able to birth two (2) to four (4) kids.  Any race or ethnicity allowed.
Washington, DC, you already saw what you needed to see from the original family system that brought me here and you will not see it again for forty (40) years after March 26th-April 3, 2016.  I will be a single, bachelor open to dating only while in office or running for office.  History has shown single men have held political office before.

South Carolina Preparation
After Washington, DC primary election, I am repackaging Washington, DC to apply to South Carolina.  South Carolina, please note I will not be operating like my mother or any of my family.  I am coming to perform one task to run for office.  Keep watching www . manleycollins . com for further details.  If you are a friend, we should make arrangements to see each other because unlike before when I came to see you that is the old Marvell.

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