Thursday, July 28, 2016

Fundraising Campaign #1 - My First Political Position

I am raising money for my first political position for mayor.

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Fundraising Campaign #2 - Legal Education

I'm raising money for Legal Education. Click to Donate: via @gofundme

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Fundraising Campaign #3 - PhD/DM (Current) Doctoral Education

I'm raising money for PhD/DM (Current) Doctoral Education. Click to Donate: via @gofundme

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Fundraising Campaign #4 - Collins Incorporated

I'm raising money for Collins Incorporated. Click to Donate: … via @gofundme

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Fundraising Campaign #5 - My Lost or Stolen Items

I'm raising money for my Lost or Stolen Items. Click to Donate: via @gofundme

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Monday, July 25, 2016

Democratic National Convention and Growth of a Leader

Name: Manley M Collins
Social Security Number:  5 7 9 - * * - 6 5 4 1
Date of Birth:  06/21
Place of Birth:  Washington, District of Columbia
Country of Birth:  United States of America
Date: July 25, 2016

Topic:  Democratic National Convention and Growth of a Leader

From the first vote to my first voter registration drive in the State of South Carolina, everyone is watching the growth of a leader living the real-world experience.

Thank you to the State of South Carolina, I know you working overtime in juicy care, but I appreciate the my very first lapel pin on my lanyard as a volunteer plus the discussion/lesson of how to do the convention from the inside. You are still my dream. It is just a race against time to achieve the history making features I possess.

Thank you to the State of Pennsylvania (Benjamin Franklin), you took care of me before and during the convention.  I appreciate the open doors from the Italian community/family and LGBQT+ community.  I am learning the City of Philadelphia and importance of the State of Pennsylvania, and other documents created here.

Thanks C-SPAN as my second lapel pin on my lanyard.

Thanks to the two other states providing food (I am still angry because I do not have parts of my critical core back).

As I mentioned before, I am grateful, thankful, and appreciate the service soldiers and the work "the shoulders" have done to create freedom and independence across the United States of America.

Thanks for the call, Alaska and Hawaii, I see you got my message through your information systems.

Here is commitment of proof from the outside working in:

<picture of lanyard, lapel pins, council meeting tickets, democrat pamphlet, independence hall, constitution, declaration of independence, and articles of confederation>

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Tuesday, July 05, 2016

Back to SharePoint

SharePoint 2016 has arrived.  I have to setup machines and understand the infrastructure of setting up the hybrid environment or migration to SharePoint online.

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Took Everything - Entire Life's Work Totally Vamoose!

Daily Beginning Message:
State of Illinois (City of Chicago<<[took, distributed, lost/stole], Harvey<<[assisted], CTA/Pace<<[assisted] and Phoenix<<[assisted]) my stuff (critical core) on April 3, 2016. [HIDDEN COMMUNITY: Scott Air Force Base, Lockheed Martin, Scott Family Housing based in Illinois, Marine Corps Weekend in Chicago]

Critical core is his life's work - all his auditions, most of his coursework from all universities, most of his legal activity, all the work from previous employers, all his training career activities, all his vacation photos, every single birthday, most of his photos of friends and families, all his charity work, all his specific key mementos outside of the people, most of his medical and health activity, all his activity with specific position responsibilities, most of his company history and work in progress, all his future book materials, all his selfies and professional photos, his 15,000 songs music library, all his exercise work with self-help/professional/personal betterment activities, all his motivation to move through the upcoming posts from June 22, 2016 to July 5, 2016.  On June 30, 2016, City of Chicago stole Sirrus Specialized Bike with Locks and Cables attached to a lightpole, and the lock company state I have secure the bike with multiple of their locks to make a claim.

Daily Ending Message:
I am a Public Employee raised on the Public System who made his information Public since 1994. Giving out everything since 1994.

First separation - December 2012
Second separation - April 2016
Third separation - April 2016 and on his way to "Get a Life"

I am going to provide best effort to retrieve his critical core since April 3, 2016 in Cook County, State of Illinois.

<picture of bags, hard drives, bike, and mac mini>

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Journal Entry #14 - Cancellations and Go Rogue


Name: Manley M Collins
Social Security Number:  5 7 9 - * * - 6 5 4 1
Date of Birth:  06/21
Place of Birth:  Washington, District of Columbia
Country of Birth:  United States of America
Date: July 5, 2016

Topic: Cancellations and Go Rogue

Since my critical core/motivation was taken April 3, 2016, this is my status:


Cancel running for the American (United States) Presidency without the entire Ivy League resume

Cancel running for the Governor of any State

Order running for Mayor of a particular city

Cancel running for the United States Senate of any State

Cancel becoming United Nations Chief for end of political career

Pause becoming the next male Oprah Winfrey (The Gospel According to Gossip)

Cancel Patent with United States Trademark and Patent Office for senior leadership (Mayor>>>>Senate>>>>President>>>>UN Chief)

Cancel Patent with United States Trademark and Patent Office for senior leadership (Governor>>>>Senate>>>>President>>>>UN Chief)

Cancel Patent with United States Trademark and Patent Office for senior leadership (Forbes 500/Fortune 500 CEO/President>>>>Senate>>>>President>>>>UN Chief)

Order Project Manager / Project Leader / Director / Government gigs

Order Hollywood-type Hosting (Be-A-Host/Master of Ceremonies) Training for TV opportunities

Cancel six (6) degrees (BS, MS, MBA, PHD, JD, LLM) of separation from the first


Find all the tattoo parlors across the globe, including television shows, to tattoo and pierce everything.  Find tattoo and piercing contests.

Complete exit and error strategy after Washington, DC if there is nothing to keep me there or in USA.

According to Bible, 'be fruitful and multiply' and do not support any of them.


Time to Attend the Democratic National Convention and do everything outside as a volunteer. No money, no shelter, and no transportation.

Republicans, I wish I knew where your convention was at the time I booked DNC.  Hope to catch the next one.

I am back to Gypsy mode (no history, not seen under the radar, and no responsibilities)

Pro-Gentrification with Asian Indians in Phoenix, Illinois
Pro-Gentrification with Asian Indians in Harvey, Illinois
Asian-Indians there are Walmart, Target, Panera Bread, and other stores in the area.  I have seen some soccer and cricket teams.
Corporate America rebuild the Harvey community and outprice the individuals current there (simulate the North Suburbs).

TASKS FOR PRO-BLACK-ON-BLACK CRIMES/PRO-GOVERNMENT CORRECTIONS (take MY sh*t; take their sh*t; audit and check the paperwork on the following locations)[I do not promote violence against the physical human being and do not do me anymore because nothing is left and nothing being returned](I do not care how the psychology flows):
31019 Edgewater Dr, Magnolia, TX 77354 USA
3214 Vincent Crossing, Spring, TX 77386 USA
1400 Magnolia Drive, Delmar, DE
800 Magnolia Drive, Delmar, DE
15149 8th Avenue, Phoenix, IL 60426 USA
16402 Emerald Ave, Harvey, IL 60426 USA
113 Rutgers Ave, Jersey City, NJ 07305 USA

American University's
First Baptist Church of DC's
Catholic University of America's
Georgetown University's
George Washington University's
Native DC European families I need shelter or a family to fallback on because the 1st Quarter of Life should be done December 31, 2016.  Time for the 2nd Quarter with Europeans and no need to look back at what was done.

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Happy Independence Day (4th of July)

Happy Independence Day (or 4th of July) to everyone. Thanks to the soldiers and shoulders that provided this to happen from 1776 to 2016!

Pointy monument put yourself on wheels and re-locate to State of Washington. Always and forever and well-respected, the first appointed and United States President, The Late George Washington.  Making me work.  State of Illinois, City of Chicago took my motivation and stress away so I do not have to do those things mentioned in previous posts - June 22, 2016 to July 5, 2016

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Journal Entry #13 - US Dept of Homeland Security - Talk About Citizenship


Name: Manley M Collins
Social Security Number:  5 7 9 - * * - 6 5 4 1
Date of Birth:  06/21
Place of Birth:  Washington, District of Columbia
Country of Birth:  United States of America
Date: July 3, 2016

Department:  United States Department of Homeland Security
Topic: Bounce all around within borders exception Alaska

United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS)
I confirmed I was born a US Citizen.
I am authorized to work for any United States employer.
I have been filling out my I-9 forms since 1994.

United States Customs and Border Protection (CBP)
It was nice meeting some of your agents in Buffalo, NY.
I am a proud GOES Global Entry member since 2015.

Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)
Proud to receive help or give help when needed since Hurricane Hugo 1992.
I did receive interesting emergency preparedness disaster training by DC Emergency Management Agency

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE)
I tried to get onboard for government project with you and my HP background packet went somewhere in Virginia, when I did not have the right address.

Transportation Security Administration
I have taken the TSA test probably twice since your inception and still not selected.

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Journal Entry #13 - US Dept of Agriculture - Go Vegetarian or Pescetarianism, and Eat everything.


Name: Manley M Collins
Social Security Number:  5 7 9 - * * - 6 5 4 1
Date of Birth:  06/21
Place of Birth:  Washington, District of Columbia
Country of Birth:  United States of America
Date: July 3, 2016

Department:  United States Department of Agriculture
Topic: Go Vegetarian or Pescetarianism, and Eat everything.

Proud member of Food Stamps/EBT/SNAP/Medicaid since 2002 no matter where the help comes from.  For the two states that DC warn me about, get it together because I already told the both of you what was going on through the electronic application, over the phone, and in person on who was doing what.

Message:  People using government benefits do not tell on other people using government benefits too, especially when the person is a taxpayer. You will never know how it will come back to you, especially with me.

Natural Resources Conservation Service
I appreciate this agency for teaching me paperwork and the value of preserving our natural resources or using them appropriately. Key message: Recycle and use human energy.

Food and Drug Administration
I appreciate the informative labels placed on food and medications.  However, my mother had this normal routine of purchasing for the month.  During the month, eat everything, but discard or give away the unused food items and clean the entire refrigerator and/or freezer.  With the USDA Food Pantry, I notice the food maybe expired or sell by date is a week or days old and I cook thoroughly immediately.  However, the Midwest and the unnamed family stocked up on food, and the food were fully expired all the way back to 2012 including frozen foods.  Unless I am thinking wrong or inappropriate, nutrients and food does something else if not eaten by date provided.  Any comments, general public??? Same goes with medication and vitamins.  However, the unnamed family seem to be surviving by that and psychologically for me, they have mixed it together to make me seem like the food is okay, but seriously I have not been able to stomach a spoonful of their food after knowing the ingredients.

Other agencies
I am economist so I am looking for trading options eventually.

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Journal Entry #12 - US Dept of Justice - Talk About all the Laws, Systems, and Positions


Name: Manley M Collins
Social Security Number:  5 7 9 - * * - 6 5 4 1
Date of Birth:  06/21
Place of Birth:  Washington, District of Columbia
Country of Birth:  United States of America
Date: July 2, 2016

Department:  United States Department of Justice
Topic: File everything, Complain about everything, Submit everything, Report everything, and Praise everything

Sense of Humor: Mom and pop turtles crossing the road with their babies. Give them names and social security numbers. File paperwork on each one of them and give them each a citation for crossing the road slow and slowing down vehicle traffic....ROTFLMBAO!

Twitter message: America's legal team will have to find another 1976 baby that has the motivation to continue forward.

My ORIGINAL crystal ball (suped-up mac mini information server/computer and storage drives) shown me this path:
Start Political Career
MAYOR (I saw DC, every conversation from any resident I meet is Marion Barry, I knew Anthony from a distance and his infamous bowties, Nobody talks about Sharon Pratt-Kelly, I met Adrian Fenty and tried communicate with him, poor Vincent, and I met Muriel at an ANC meeting.  I did speed research on New York, no politician born and raised in New York never made it back to DC in a higher position. Exception to the rule, New York is sending two (Hillary and Donald) for president. For Illinois, I never knew Harold Washington, but knew Richard Daley Jr by working for CPS.)
GOVERNOR (Was my dream, but the states I saw were South Carolina, Massachusetts, Washington, California - END of political career).
UNITED STATES SENATE (Not his dream, but the states I saw were New York, Virginia, Washington, California, Massachusetts).
PRESIDENT (Not his dream, but I guess America's dream due to 1976 birth year - 200 years since the bicentennial celebration of this country's  independence PLUS not having the entire Ivy League resume/education)
UNITED NATIONS CHIEF (His dream after doing Manhattan, New York)
CEO, PRESIDENT, CHAIRMAN OF THE BOARD (Off and on dream for any Forbes 500 and Fortune 500 company, saw the money through unnamed family daddy career, and kept reading annual reports/proxy voting)
THE NEXT MALE OPRAH WINFREY (His dream after going through the talk show circuit. I already met Stedman and did his books. I tried my best to get in HARPO Studios as a spectator/audience member.)

State of Illinois was suppose to be the help, not hurt. I see and appreciate the help, but I just do not like the situation on how it is being done.  I know it is not a nice process, but d*mn all his history.

State of New York is the craziest state and money power, and it was the first placement of the United States capitol. Philadelphia was second placement of the United States Capitol. Washington, DC is the third and final placement of the United States Capitol.  To run from New York, have a New York City address, but reside in another slower or underutilized county or city - NOT Albany and NOT local to the NYC metropolitan area.

Replacement crystal ball (one windows computer/tablet and exit strategy) shown me this path:
OREGON (be me and come back to DC for retirement)
MAINE (be me and come back to DC for retirement)
MASSACHUSETTS (be me and come back to DC for retirement)

Backup crystal ball (tablet and exit strategy) shown me this path:
Die A Canadian OR British & Irish OR Aussie man

DATING: America's legal team must find me a Martha-like, Laura-like, Michelle-like, Eleanor-like, Jackie-like wife OR I will be a bachelor dating all through the tenure(s) like a celebrity. Minimum requirement (bachelor degree and doctorate degree plus Hollywood approved). Starting 2022, I should be ready.  Open to American Asian-Indian to mix the color.

FAMILIES WANT TO MEET: Bushes, Romneys, and Trumps

NEEDS: Chairperson (Campaign Manager) and Treasurer for Mayor

Reading Literature: Harvard Journal of Law & Public Policy

WANTS: If America's Legal team/lawmakers wants me to go to law school, find a benefactor to pay for my school with no strings attached. I already published everything I can do and what I offer.  I am NOT doing it the traditional way because you took his entire history.


State of South Carolina
Moving Violation Tickets
First donation to Sheriffs Association
Voted Democratic Ticket in Primaries and General election

State of Georgia
Moving Violation Tickets
Traffic Accident
Civil Suit (Against Me - 2x)
Police Reports
Progressive Insurance Reports
Security Officer Training
CPR and First Aid Training
Voted Democratic Ticket in Primaries and General election

State of Ohio
Moving Violation Tickets
Driver's License Suspension

State of New York
Emissions Violation Tickets
Illegal Parking Tow
Driver's License Suspension
Police Reports
Yellow Taxi Car sideswipes my vehicle (Painted over it)
Progressive Insurance Reports
Attempted flat tire reports, but enjoyed the conversations with NYPD
Car repossession
Parking violation tickets
Progressive Insurance dropped me
GEICO Insurance picked me up
Called for Jury Duty and not selected
Voted Democratic Ticket in Primaries and General election

State of Tennessee
Broken Mirror Accident (Penske did it)
Delayed police report rejected
Progressive Insurance Report

District of Columbia
Broken window and items stolen police report
Progressive Insurance report
Police Reports
Car Repossession
Parking violation Ticket
Approved for firearm
Security Officer Training
First Aid and CPR Training
Called for Jury Duty twice and selected once for a murder case.
Voted Democratic mayor, but republican or other parties candidates for other positions
Voted Democratic ticket in primaries and general election

State of Pennsylvania
Attempted flat tire reports
Police Reports
Car Accident
Civil Suit (Against Other Driver)

State of Delaware
Five (5) Civil Suits (Against Other Party)

State of New Jersey
Police Reports
Car Accident
Civil Suit (Against Other Driver)

State of Connecticut
Police Reports
Car Accident
Civil Suit (Against Other Driver)
Offered the opportunity to appear on The People's Court, but I was not ready for a loss on national tv while the potential of becoming an attorney.
Attempt flat tire reports
Progressive Insurance
Voted democratic ticket in primaries and general election
Praise reports

State of Virginia
Civil Suit
Approved for firearm
Security Officer training
First Aid and CPR training
Moving Violation Tickets

State of Illinois
Security Officer Training
Pending firearm training and concealed weapon carry training (for all 49 states)
Pending CPR and First Aid training
Pending private investigator upgrade
Voted democratic ticket in primaries and general election
Stolen Sirrus Specialized 27" Bike
Stolen Critical Core/Motivation
Police Reports

State of Maryland
Legal Error thinking he was Martin Luther King
First Civil Suit Against Me (Public Record on credit report)
Civil Suit in United States District Court (Against Employer)

This Maryland civil suit was stopped in its track because the telling was going the other direction. So here it is on social media, this is my answer to Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) and Jackson Lewis attorneys:

Addressing point number #2 from Defendant legal counsel’s response, Mr. Collins made the courts, Tata Consultancy Services, clients, and his previous employers aware of their actions via a separate correspondence.
1. Defendant (TCS) is requested to produce evidence on why Mr. Collins was dismissed from the company.
2. Defendant (TCS) must dismiss the claim of removing employees after the accumulation of approximately $50,000 in their own funds or combination of TCS and own funds.
3. Defendant (TCS) must dismiss the claim on reasoning why Plaintiff was kept on board after February 2015 when Plaintiff was finish with work with last client.
4. Defendant (TCS) did not make Plaintiff aware to search on his own to find a position while working for the Defendant.
5. Defendant (TCS) did not state through internal candidate interviewing for clients why Plaintiff was going to be sent so many different places across the United States without any relocation or financial assistance.
The foundation of the lawsuit was to address a trend that was happening very fast and frequent without having the Plaintiff to stay in one location, receiving or begging for federal government assistance, or continue his primary line of work.
WHEREFORE, Plaintiff has stated his claims or political environment with the Defendant.  The request for injunctive relief should remain in place.  Plaintiff is seeking less interference from Tata Consultancy Services with any new employer due to the professional, personal, or consumer relationship he has with most of the companies.
Motion to Compel Discovery paperwork

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Journal Entry #11 - Talk about the Church, Religion, and Charity Work


Name: Manley M Collins
Social Security Number:  5 7 9 - * * - 6 5 4 1
Date of Birth:  06/21
Place of Birth:  Washington, District of Columbia
Country of Birth:  United States of America
Date: July 1, 2016

Topic: Church, Religion, Organization, and Charity Work

Twitter Message: I am getting a message about 'consecration'

There is problem with 'consecration'.

1. I am not Catholic, and I am a committed Baptist and Christian.
2. None of the churches listed mentioned the subject including the bible college.
3. Two (2) out of my three (3) of my catholic friends never mentioned the subject.  One of the catholic friends I lost contact.
4. I am NOT Martin Luther King. I did everything in Baptist faith and church except pastor/reverend all the way to Baptist conventions. If you trying to make a pastor/reverend, I guarantee I will do congregation based on what I already told and have no shame.
5. According to the Barnes and Noble hardcover of the first two chapters of senior leaders, none of them talked about 'consecration'
6. If 90% of the soldiers did not have to do it, so I do not have to it.
7. So I do not completely rule out this message, you are welcome to provide me with Doctor of Divinity and Historian for the importance of this task 'consecration'.

Church and Religion

Message from DC and South Carolina to Alabama and Maryland (fight): If any more 'black' churches think I am Martin Luther King or I feel anger from the congregation because I am different, I will petition to move that MLK memorial to Baltimore and set it next to Alpha headquarters and put a nuclear reactor next to it and make sure it is the first memorial to go in any war.  I will never step foot in another new, predominantly black church again other than those listed here.

Message from DC and South Carolina to Alabama (fight): Martin Luther King is dead. He did big message for a big cause and no one told him to slow down and pause for the changes to take place SO America shot him.  Again, Martin Luther King is dead.  Think I am him, I will petition for 20 nuclear reactors built in the Alabama and in case of war, and that it is the first state to go.

Message from Illinois to South Carolina (fight): All the Rev. Dr.(s) titling are coming from the Midwest down to the Mid-South. Asian Indians are beginning to lead the church to change the crucial image on 'color'  Also, my mother was not crazy about her bible talking, they are teaching how to do 'crazy' with the bible including speaking about Greek gods, etc.

Message from DC to All States (fight): Civil rights is changing from 'color' to the variety of disabilities.  Terminology use of 'racism' is changing.  United States of America is changing the face of color with two sets of the indians - Spanish Indians migrating from the South and Asian Indians from the East and West. (Source: United States Census Bureau)  African-Americans you have been promoted, given museums and memorials, given the best of the best while here, US sending decent goods back to Africa, etc. Central and South America had the same issues, but did not do anything for you. Please conform to how all three Americas are changing. Africa, still has not gotten the message that most countries are preparing to leave this planet and go somewhere else. Hollywood ideas are not too farfetched in the science category starting with Siri, Cortana, and Amy.

Any one ordered up a church?

State of South Carolina
Greenland Baptist Church (initial baptism and first membership)
Hickory Hill Baptist Church
Mt. Nebo United Methodist Church
Day Dawn Baptist Church
Pilgrim Baptist Church
Antioch Baptist Association
Jehovah United Methodist (UM) Church
Reformed Episcopal Church
Belle Isle Presbyterian Church
Believers Temple Church
St. Matthew Baptist Church
Calvary Reformed Episcopal Church
Allen African Methodist Episcopal Church
Holy Rock Missionary Baptist (MB) Church
Antioch Holiness Church
Poplar Hill Christian Church
Jerusalem United Methodist Church
Greater St. Paul United Methodist Church
Zion United Methodist Church
Jehovah African Methodist Episcopal (AME) Church
St. Matthew African Methodist Episcopal Church
Immanuel Reformed Episcopal (RE) Church
Unity Baptist Church
St. Peter's Baptist Church
Ebenezer Zion African Methodist Episcopal Church
Mt. Pisgah Pentecostal Holiness Church
Messiah Reformed Episcopal Church
Macedonia Christian Church
Bethlehem Baptist Church
Mt. Pisgah Baptist Church
New Mount Zion Baptist Church
Trinity United Methodist Church
Holy Trinity Catholic Church (Parish)

State of Georgia
Hopewell Missionary Baptist Church (second membership)
World Changes Church (Creflo Dollar)
New Birth Missionary Baptist Church (Eddie Long)
Atlanta United Church of Christ

District of Columbia (City of Washington)
First Baptist Church of the City of Washington (current membership)
Southern Baptist Association
Franklin P. Nash United Methodist Church
Brookland Baptist Church
Greater Mt. Calvary Holy Church
Metropolitan Community Church
United House of Prayer for All People
Adas Israel Congregation Jewish Synagogue
All Souls Church Unitarian
Mt Pleasant Baptist Church
New Canaan Baptist Church
Mt. Horeb Baptist Church
Union Temple Baptist Church
Israel Metropolitan CME Church
Rock Creek Baptist Church
First Baptist Church (Randolph St)

State of Maryland
First Baptist Church of Glenarden
The Good Samaritan Baptist Church

State of Virginia
Central Baptist Church

State of New York
Love Fellowship Tabernacle (Hezekiah Walker)

State of Illinois
House of Hope (first celebration of Watch Night when it was built)
First United Methodist Church of Evanston
First United Methodist Church at Chicago Temple
Six (6) south side chicago churches (No Credit - MLK Thinkers)
The Moody (baptist) Bible Church and Christian College

State of Texas
Woodlands Church

State of California
University Christian Church

Bedside Baptist (Tele-evangelists):
Tammy Faye Bakker and Jim Bakker (Loved the SNL skits for this one)
Lakewood Chapel - Joel Osteen
Billy Graham
Pat Robertson - The 700 Club



Name: Manley M Collins
Social Security Number:  5 7 9 - * * - 6 5 4 1
Date of Birth:  06/21
Place of Birth:  Washington, District of Columbia
Country of Birth:  United States of America
Date: July 1, 2016

Charity Work and Organization

March of Dimes (Atlanta)
St. Jude's Children Hospital (South Carolina)
Ronald McDonald House (South Carolina)
Voter Registration (South Carolina)
AvonWalk for Breast Cancer (DC)
National Multiple Sclerosis Run/Walk (Connecticut)
Feeding America (NY)
American Heart Association (NY)
American Lung Association (NY)
American Cancer Association (CT)
ByteBack Adult Training Program (DC)
The Metropolitan (MET) Museum of Art (NY)
Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) (NY)
Goodwill Industries (DC, NY and CT)
Easter Seals (CT)
Habitat for Humanity International (DC)
Smithsonian Institution (DC)
The Salvation Army (DC, NY, and CT)
World Wildlife Foundation (DC)
Susan G Komen for the Cure (VA)
Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (CT and DC)
SCSU Foundation (Marching 101, General Scholarship Fund, School of Business)
United States Sheriffs Association (Each State)

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Journal Entry #10 - US Dept of Transportation - Travel on Everything


Name: Manley M Collins
Social Security Number:  5 7 9 - * * - 6 5 4 1
Date of Birth:  06/21
Place of Birth:  Washington, District of Columbia
Country of Birth:  United States of America
Date: June 30, 2016

Department: United States Department of Transportation
Topic: Travel on Everything

American Airlines
US Airways

Public Transit Systems:
Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority
New York Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA)
Chicago Transit Authority (CTA)
Metro North Regional Rail (MNRR)
METRA/Regional Transportation Authority (RTA)
Washington Metropolitan Transportation Authority (WMATA)
San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) (trolleys and all)
SouthEastern Pennsylvania Transit Authority (SEPTA)
New Jersey Transit and PATH System
Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority (MARTA)
Connecticut Transit (CT Transit)
Rio De Janiero Transit System (Non-US)
London Transit System (Non-US)
Toronto Transit System (Non-US)

Bus Systems:
Bolt Bus
Washington-to-New York Chinatown buses (I remember one breaking down on the way back to DC)

1. 1997 White Ford Escort (SC State and some family remember this one)
2. 1999 Red Ford Escort (Atlanta)
3. 1999 Black Jeep Grand Cherokee (Atlanta, then DC)
4. 1997 Black Ford Expedition (DC)
5. 2007 Black Mercedes Benz C230 (New York and Connecticut)
6. Schwinn BMX Bike (DC)
7. Huffy 20" Bike (Atlanta - my rear tire got hit and bent)
8. Sirrus Specialized 27" Bike (Stolen in Chicago)

Ride Sharing Programs/Rentals:
Enterprise (our relationship started in 1998 and still going strong)
ZipCar (our relationship began in DC, still going strong, and I like testing the new vehicles, such as the Toyota Prius<<<[my favorite], Mazdas, Scion, and BMWs).

Current Transportation:
My first custom made $500 to $1000 bike from a bike shop.  I never thought I would pay that amount for a bike, but they had bikes that went up to $2500 or $4000.  I said, "Wow".  It is a different culture.  In less than a year, it is stolen in City of Chicago with locks and cables.

Future Transportation:
Bikes, Motorbikes (his dream was the Suzuki Hayabusa, but I will start small first), and Scooters for the next period of ten (10) years.  Human energy of running and walking still exists.

Past Vacation Transportation
Four wheelers
Horseback Riding

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Journal Entry #10 - US Dept of Defense - Talk About the Military VS Civilian Life


Name: Manley M Collins
Social Security Number:  5 7 9 - * * - 6 5 4 1
Date of Birth:  06/21
Place of Birth:  Washington, District of Columbia
Country of Birth:  United States of America
Date: June 30, 2016

Department: United States Department of Defense
Topic: My Opinion

This is a great department absorbing 2/3 of America's budget.  Nobody wants to touch this department because of its very important work or shenanigans.  I am NOT military.  I am civilian.  I have NEVER been a government employee other than an intern in the USDA/1890 National Scholar program.  I have been/am a government contractor.  Sometimes great leaders can be made through this department OR it could be a true game of life and war to see who can make it through all the crazy obstacles setup by family and the government.

A person like me gave a crap when kept seeing everyone in social media physically.  It was no toll on me except it was part of my family power and my hobby to travel.  I showed all my loss and so far not a d*mn thing has been returned to me OR shown through the other process of attraction.

I saw it all, heard it all, and went through it all.  You sent me the EXiT email since you saw that was a major communication point for me.  You sent me Arlington National Cemetery through email too.  I questioned both of them when I tried to get more information like a normal person.  I showed everyone my exit and error to American history.

As all the doctors, psychologists, and therapists ask, "Do I ever want to commit suicide?"

The answer is NO.  I already tested the suicide theory though skydiving in New Jersey.  I still have rock climbing, white water rafting (can't swim), hiking, and base jumping to do.  However, I did setup suicides and crosses for anyone who decides to tell on a taxpayer through the postal service and social media.  Tell on me, I will tell on you.  This is reality.  If the position is real, then we can see how far I get and if I am going for it.  If the position is made to where only Americans from ivy league society can obtain those positions, then it will remain as such. I have no qualms or stress on changing what I am, who I am, or where I could possibly go.  Since you took close to 95% of everything from me after I just got everything for a new start, let me see how you going to send me through my life twice or three times repeating the same exact events. For example, you started doing my resume the 2nd time to try and fire him from every company; in which, TCS either want to correct my view their company or government contractors want to correct my view of what has happened.

When I return back to Washington, DC, there is a small window of opportunity to see if I get that position.  Whether I win or lose, please note winning I will remain in town for a good minute.  If I lose, you better capture me with another project/position before I move to somewhere completely new where there is no record of anything I have mentioned through postal service and social media.  Yes, the FINAL LOSS is 2nd secret clearance with the expiration of year 2025.  Yes, I only have motivation for the small position and you have to figure out how to do the motivation for anything else.

If losing the most precious memories/mementos to this process to be a person where there is no real history on how the person got there, OR telling a story their way possibly copying others without true authenticity, then any senior leadership position is not for me.

Congratulations to the creativity and seeing the entire Miss USA Pageant 2016! I tweeted the entire pageant. I tweeted the entire Billboard awards.  Congratulations to Miss District of Columbia on winning Miss USA 2016, and the Defense Department, too!

Continuing onward to the next department and further telling.

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Journal Entry #9 - US Dept of State - Talk About Travels Across the Globe, Part One


Name: Manley M Collins
Social Security Number:  5 7 9 - * * - 6 5 4 1
Date of Birth:  06/21
Place of Birth:  Washington, District of Columbia
Country of Birth:  United States of America
Date: June 29, 2016

Department:  United States Department of State
Topics: Travels

The first Secretary of State I met was Madeline Albright (in person) at the United States Institute of Peace in Washington, DC.

The second Secretary of State I heard was Gen. Colin Powell (ret.) via webinar from the United States Institute of Peace in Washington, DC.

My first cruise trip was Nassau, Bahamas. It was my senior year of high school.  We did repeat the trip again for 10th year reunion even though it was two classmates, Shella P.  Thanks to Carnival for the first trip and Royal Caribbean for the second trip plus sex-capades.

My first international trip was London, England, United Kingdom.  I rode the tube from Heathrow to my hotel area.  I hung out with Victor N., a classmate from SCSU, and Martha H., a classmate from Keller. Madam Toussard's Wax Museum was beautiful. Hanging out in Leicester Square, Soho, and Buckingham Palace was nice. Riding the tube was good. British know when Americans come to town.  We look so out of place. Kelis's Milkshake was the hit one year later than USA.  British welcomed me with beers, hugs, and whatever else I could enjoy.  Pictures stolen by State of Illinois.  The dollar was half the value of a London pound.  I was close to broke.

My next international trip was Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, South America. I was so disappointed that purchase the ticket and flew on American Airlines, but I did not know a visa was required.  I did meet my Brazilian friend and told him what happened. I was disappointed so I stayed in Miami, Florida and had fun there with Adrian V., and surrounding towns.  Pictures stolen by State of Illinois.

A repeat of Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, South America. Time for Carnivale. It was nice riding the subway around town.  The town was covered with mixed Indian. Slavery similar to North America did exist, but somehow they erased it fast. The Brazilian taught me a little Portuguese, and taught me to ditch passport if I want to remain in any country and start over again. Identification is not as important for showing proof age or name, but carried mine around and passport was stolen.  Carnivale parties were fun, but I was disappointed that I paid for souvenir name car plate and the man ran off with my money.  I traveled on the river and saw the suburbs mall. It was a scary night bus ride with no lights on the road, but the driver somehow knew the bus stops.  I learned samba dancing. I got about 2,350 Brazilian music songs in my iTunes collection from my friend.  I did parasailing and took pictures of the tram conductor to the Christ the Redeemer atop Corcovado Mountain. Pictures stolen by State of Illinois. It was amazing that every year, entire families have to put all their resources for competing in a specific band and costume.  The dollar went very far because it was two and a half more than the Brazilian money.  It was funny that they were playing American music (OutKast, etc.) and had American restaurants in all their malls.  Thanks to the American Airlines crew for a fantastic and very satisfying time in the air, and between 5am to 6am scandalous sex-capade.

Another international vacation was Italy and Aruba. Firenze (Florence), Italy was beautiful. Duomo was nice. Italians were cool to talk to and discuss fashion.  We, my NYFA classmates, went to a club and party, and it was cool.  My NYFA classmate, Mauricio, got me hooked on doing expressos like an Italian.

Aruba - Thanks to the Marriott Vacation Club staff for making me happy as your theme states, "One Happy Island."  Whatever it took to make me happy was there.  It was very interesting that most of the families that were there was from Mid-Atlantic and Northeast.  The party bus had me as a drunk lush. I went horseback riding and four wheeling through the tourist attractions. I did not want to leave, but it was fun. I was close to purchasing that timeshare, but I was about to purchase the 3222 DC home.  Thanks to Air France for the opportunity to see Paris, France Charles de Gaulle International Airport. Flying Air France was a treat in itself - coach was treated like first class.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada - the airport was beautiful and big. I stayed in Brampton. I had no idea where this was in relation to the city.  It was a suburb with limited regional rail and bus service.  It was fun and meeting friends. So much was going on during my birthday week and weekend.  It was Caribbean festivals, auto show, and pride weekend.  So much activity, and it was nice to make some Toronto friends and hang out at their place.  I was trying to make the best of traveling Toronto public transit system to tour the city. I wanted to drive with my Benz from Buffalo, NY for trip number #2 and to Montreal through Vermont for trip number #3.

Pending international trips are Asia, Japan, China, and Australia.

Just like the EXiT and Error mentioned in the initial post June 22, 2016. I saw the email with EXiT and there is no agency for this process. I also saw Arlington National Cemetery email as well.  If I leave this process or go on suicide mission, South America taught me to leave country and ditch passport, and start all over with everything in a brand new country.  The Defense Department tried to do that with Kyrgyzstan and Middle East job offers.

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Journal Entry #9 - US Dept of Interior - Parks, Memorials, Zoos, and Beaches


Name: Manley M Collins
Social Security Number:  5 7 9 - * * - 6 5 4 1
Date of Birth:  06/21
Place of Birth:  Washington, District of Columbia
Country of Birth:  United States of America
Date: June 29, 2016

Department:  United States Department of Interior
Topics: Parks, Memorials, Zoos, and Beaches

A park is a park.

Park Report
Walt Disney World (Magic Kingdom and Epcot)
Six Flags Amusement Parks (Georgia, Illinois, Maryland, New England)
Rye Playland
Chelsea Piers (New York and Connecticut)
Sesame Place
Universal Studios Orlando
Nickelodeon Universe
Macy's Santaland
Macy's Thanksgiving Parade
Jefferson National Park (St. Louis)
Hershey Park
Coney Island
Kings Dominion
Pavilion Park, Myrtle Beach
SkyZone Trampoline Park

Zoo Atlanta
Riverbanks Zoo
Bronx Zoo
Georgia Aquarium
Mall of America Sea Life (Minnesota)

Memorials Report
Jefferson Memorial (DC)
Lincoln Memorial (DC)
Washington Monument (DC)
United States Capitol (Senate and House) (DC)
United States Supreme Court (DC)
United States Postal Museum (DC)
The White House (DC)
Holocaust Museum (DC)
Smithsonians (All of them in DC, including Udvar-Hazy in Chantilly)
National Arboretum (DC)
Martin Luther King Jr Memorial (DC)
Korean War Veterans Memorial (DC)
Vietnam Veterans Memorial (DC)
National Mall (DC)
Navy Memorial (DC)
Pentagon Memorial (DC)

Beach Report
Santa Monica Beach
Los Angeles Beach
Myrtle Beach
Coney Island Beach
Westchester County Beach
North Avenue Beach
Miami Beach
Rehoboth Beach
Toronto Beach (Nudist)
Hidden Valley Nudist Resort (Georgia)
Ocean City
Bahamas (2x)
Venice Beach
Alpine Valley Ski Resort (Wisconsin)
Virginia Beach

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Journal Entry #8 - US Dept of Energy - Find the Use of Natural Resources


Name: Manley M Collins
Social Security Number:  5 7 9 - * * - 6 5 4 1
Date of Birth:  06/21
Place of Birth:  Washington, District of Columbia
Country of Birth:  United States of America
Date: June 28, 2016

Department:  United States Department of Energy

I applied for positions, but Public Service Enterprise Group or Public Service Energy Group (PSEG) is the closest to one of your positions.  I gained more knowledge from learning more about the old school meters, the new electronic meters, solar panel fields, wind turbine fields, hydroelectric fields, and other energy applications which solely do not use any Microsoft applications.  Yes, SAP was huge throughout the entire organization.

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Journal Entry #8 - US Dept of Commerce - Talk About the Money


Name: Manley M Collins
Social Security Number:  5 7 9 - * * - 6 5 4 1
Date of Birth:  06/21
Place of Birth:  Washington, District of Columbia
Country of Birth:  United States of America
Date: June 28, 2016

Department:  United States Department of Commerce
Topics:  Banks and Money

These are the banks I have coordinated for the JD and LLM degrees if I had my original crystal ball (or at least get some pieces back). Or for next possible mortgage or loan. Or deposit for any potential winnings from the PowerBall or MegaMillions lottery (sponsored by the US Dept of Education).

Bank 1
Bank of America
I have been an employee of your company, but you are offering me opportunities to come to Charlotte after I already did all the other major cities.  I have to consider the amount time to complete everything and I cannot be there for only six (6) months.

I greatly appreciate the opportunity as a contractor and the promotion. I am forever indebted to you for horning on my newly minted project management skill set.  It has been so helpful through plenty of issues or concerns in my life.

As a consumer, I understand your mortgage business that you do not do jumbo loans over $499,999.  I remember the PC Banking days from the diskette and being able to monitor each and every transaction until I moved to Microsoft Money, then the banking copied the Quicken/MS Money software to buy consumer time on their website.  I was very angry in the early days because every time I moved I had to find a local bank including between Maryland and DC borderline.  Yes, I lost all my checking and savings accounts, but removal from my credit report after I paid the bill was fast.

Our history began in Charleston, South Carolina when you were NationsBank in 1994.  I still remember my first checkbook, but still question whether I should return or not to get my update on community banking.

Bank 2
Capital One
Capital One, your credit cards days are still there since you keep approaching me regarding credit when I already know most of my answers.  I know you are out of Virginia and I applied for jobs with you, but I am cautiously watching as I do bank by postal mail.

Bank 3
E*TRADE Securities
I appreciate the opportunity as a contractor in your brand-spanking new East Coast campus in Alpharetta, GA.  It was hard to get into your IT department when I wanted to switch.  I am disappointed that I forgo the opportunity to become a broker and get my Series 7 and Series 63 certifications.  I did not know where I could use it other than your bank in Atlanta.

As a consumer, you know me very well.  I enjoy walking into your financial centers in New York, Chicago, and DC.  I am still disappointed I have not toured the California operations.  Even if the accounts are zero, we are still together since 1999.  Yes, I will continue to complete your surveys when you know potential money is coming.

Bank 5
JP Morgan Chase Manhattan
After learning from Bank of America, I did pick the right account, but did not know how big and crazy the bank was to be #1.  I went through 10 of JPMC project managers to hire for a project, and TataCS & JPMC kept trying to place me in uncomfortable situations.  TataCS & JPMC uncomfortable situations would have been fine, but you did not know what I sent through the postal service.  I think I am finish will using all the services I could get out of you while you are in the process of taking four accounts.  This relationship was short lived, but well worth it since we both know what it takes to be #1.  I did take page out of Chase playbook to begin hoarding all the money and resources (money power) and take all the necessary lumps to remain #1.

I am concerned how you do the megaloans or mortgage loans for Manhattan real estate or any New York real estate.

Bank 6
American Express
Our relationship has been very interesting on and off. I can remember my first American Express card in college in 1996.  I paid off the first balance, but the second time was a bit tough.  I appreciate the new options with the new cards, and yes I will pay that $495 annual fee for that ultimate American Express card.  Even though the cards are zero, we are still together.  I was slightly upset when customer service operations moved from America to India, and then my inquiries increased when I was with TataCS.

I am disappointed I have not explored the American Express Financial Consultant positions further from Atlanta and Virginia; I cannot live on commission alone or minimum wage plus commission when my bills/immediate expenses became larger and there was no work from home option.

Bank 7
Wells Fargo
My mother mentioned this bank, but she never told what she did to/for the company. We, Wells Fargo and I, started our relationship in Atlanta through 401K around 2000. We continued the relationship to a jumbo mortgage loan (understanding you handle loans over $500K), and HSA.  I see you are taking your accounts, too, but I will be back (California). I was anti-Wachovia because it was a Bank of America competitor.

Bank 8
Our relationship started in DC, but I was a very new customer to you and you enforce every banking rule there was.  I was angry and frustrated about those rules, and that is the reason I left.

Bank 9
Charles Schwab
I first encountered you through Wall Street Journal and the dedication of the Schwab Residential Center to Stanford University during the time I was applying for my MBA.  You were/are California based.  When I became a customer from Connecticut, I was impressed by the full scale concierge service from initial security to artificial intelligence to printed magazine.  I appreciated the fact of fulfilling the customer request for residence one place, but temporary mail another.  Even though the money power is small, I think we have a good relationship going.  Again, this is not discounting my frustrated moments with E*TRADE, but I look forward to working with you. Thanks for the presentation with my 2nd secretary of state, Gen. Colin Powell, at the United States Institute of Peace. The first secretary of state I met was Madeleine Albright (got the picture) with the University of Phoenix Leadership Series at the United States Institute of Peace in DC.

Bank 10
HSBC and TD Bank
I see you, but I do not know international money other than Barclays working with Bank of America for international trips.  TataCS recommended TD Bank.  Yahoo recommended HSBC.

Bank 11
Thanks for continuing to provide me my FICO score. We had our tumultuous times, paying off the first balance, but hard times hit for paying the second balance with the credit limits.  I will eventually come back for the secured credit card with one or two of these banks.

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Journal Entry #7 - US Department of Treasury - Talk About Taxes, Can't Escape Them unless you Never File


Name: Manley M Collins
Social Security Number:  5 7 9 - * * - 6 5 4 1
Date of Birth:  06/21
Place of Birth:  Washington, District of Columbia
Country of Birth:  United States of America
Date: June 27, 2016

Department:  United States Department of Treasury
Topics: Taxes

I reminisce on the days of manually doing the entire tax booklet by hand. Software came and made it easier, but the packet became big with plenty of other worksheets.  One time I did use a CPA and the IRS sent me a different packet in return.

Paperwork has been filed on taxes to the following:
State of South Carolina
State of Georgia
State of Virginia
District of Columbia
State of Maryland
State of New Jersey
State of New York
State of Connecticut
State of Illinois
State of Wisconsin
and always
United States Department of Treasury
Internal Revenue Service

I gotta keep the public services up and running. 23 Years and Going Strong!  I would love to file in every state, but I do not want to see bill, software limits to five (5) electronic filings, and manually filling out each state's forms would take forever.  I am still disappointed in not being able to recover my printed Treasury bonds and not hiring me for a project in the Maryland office.

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Journal Entry #6 - United States Postal Service - Talk About Snail Mail, Still A Valid Form of Communication


Name: Manley M Collins
Social Security Number:  5 7 9 - * * - 6 5 4 1
Date of Birth:  06/21
Place of Birth:  Washington, District of Columbia
Country of Birth:  United States of America
Date: June 26, 2016

Department: United States Postal Service

This is short post, but Benjamin Franklin doing my mail! I tried to visit as many of the little post offices along the historic routes the postal service used before building of the interstate highway system.  It is and was fun.  I know I probably the one in a small population doing the postal experience surveys on all post offices I use.

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Journal Entry #6 - US Dept of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) - Talk About Shelter or No Shelter


Name: Manley M Collins
Social Security Number:  5 7 9 - * * - 6 5 4 1
Date of Birth:  06/21
Place of Birth:  Washington, District of Columbia
Country of Birth:  United States of America
Date: June 26, 2016

Department: United States Department of Housing and Urban Development

I already stated all my addresses through all the systems.  However, I did try to apply for DC Section 8 and that did not pan out.  New York City, I went through all your housing systems mainly Manhattan borough, but I can not understand that I had the money to pay rent and was not approved. The other end of the spectrum I had to have $250,000 in assets on the application. Connecticut, you went by too fast so I was not able to do all the systems in Hartford/Manchester.

My Homes, Houses, Apartments/Flats, Condos, Lofts, Bungalows, Rentals, and Roomshares Report

State of Georgia
2929 North DeKalb Drive, Apt 204, Atlanta, Georgia 30340 USA
2448 Wynsley Way, Tucker, Georgia 30084 USA

State of South Carolina
221 Benjamin E. Mays Hall One, Orangeburg, South Carolina 29117
285 Big Woods Road, Pineville, SC 29468-9728 USA (Three homes at this address)
Route 1, Box 181, Pineville, SC 29468
HC 61 Box 181, Pineville, SC 29468

District of Columbia (City of Washington)
3900 4th St SE, Washington, DC
3514 Commodore Joshua Barney Dr NE, Apt 104, Washington, DC 20018
455 Massachusetts Ave NW, Ste 161, Washington, DC 20001
220 Allison St NW, Apt 201, Washington, DC 20011-7357 USA
3222 Theodore R Hagans Dr NE, Washington, DC 20018 USA
307 Rock Creek Church Rd NW, Washington, DC 20011 USA (The Nelsons)

State of Illinois
1100 North LaSalle Blvd, Apt 701, Chicago, IL 60610
27 N Wacker Dr, Ste 410, Chicago, IL 60606

State of New York
1 Penn Plaza, Apt 6254, New York, NY 10119
100 1/2 West 127th St, New York, NY (The Atkins [Jewish] - new process starting)

State of Connecticut
91 Elm St, Ste 203E, Manchester, CT 06040
11 Knollwood Road, Norwalk, CT (The Davenports [Catholic] - new process starting)

State of Maryland
720 Audrey Lane, Oxon Hill, MD (not mines - The Haskells)
14113 Spring Branch Road, Upper Marlboro, MD (not mines - The Nelsons)

Homelessness Report

I know I told DC I was homeless due to foreclosure on one of my properties.  I did not think the system was actually trying to push out the societal homelessness when I had family, friends, and plenty of physical beings to seek shelter.

My thoughts on homelessness:
A. People that went through the rigamarole of 30 year mortgage, have the title in his/her name, and paying only government taxes. (one extreme)

B. Shut themselves off from society and responsibilities and only function to live in their own world. (the other extreme)

Guess what?!?
After my first journal entry, the unnamed family got offended and pulled his/her power of shelter from me.  I guess Illinois did not know when they took my stuff; they physically took my capabilities to connect to my former Illinois friends for an ordeal like this.  So now let me see how these homeless shelters work.

The unnamed family (daddy/brother) state he did societal homeless for 6 months.

I took that societal homeless information and did a Mercedes-Benz for 3.5 years across New York (Manhattan as central point), Connecticut, Vermont, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maine, Virginia, District of Columbia, Maryland, Tennessee, Kentucky, Missouri, Wisconsin, Ohio, Illinois, Indiana, and Minnesota.  The car unknown status, other than a bill, went to Mercedes heaven.

Please tell what is Facebook or social media etiquette from 1 billion users for an autobiography 2nd edition??

If I offend anyone, do you know you have the power to unfollow, remove them-self from the offender, or leave social media altogether if you do not want to see how people talk about you???

Is anyone special in doing my postings or as I talk about everything, everyone, every place?  Am I doing anything different?

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Journal Entry #3 - US Dept of Education - Talk About Every School


Name: Manley M Collins
Social Security Number:  5 7 9 - * * - 6 5 4 1
Date of Birth:  06/21
Place of Birth:  Washington, District of Columbia
Country of Birth:  United States of America
Date: June 23, 2016

Department:  United States Department of Education
Topics: High School, Elementary School, and College

Cross Elementary School (partial report)

it was always fun to ride the bus to school. It the morning prep every day to ensure I caught the bus.  It was cartoons in the morning.  It was cereal, cream of wheat, or grits/eggs for breakfast. Riding the bus with high school students was crazy.  Elementary school students rode in the front.  High school students rode in the back.  When a fight broke out, Ms. Halls or Ms. Dot (Ravenell) did not play and reported to the parents, bus suspension was no joke.  The bus drivers and custodians were funny, especially Mr. Sam Pinckney, because we all knew each other and if the wrong child got on the wrong bus, they ask where they are going and tell which bus to get on.

I remember Ms. Cross and 'another' kindergarten/pre-school teacher, the naps, storytelling, it took forever to get to the cafeteria on the other side of the school, and lining up to go outside. I remember Ms. Haskell she gave me my first paddle spanking in first grade.  Her family own a store and another business next to the house.  Corporal punishment was still allowed in the 1980s. It was not too harmful because most teachers us it sparingly and did it in front of everybody for embarrassment. Ms. Wilson, my fourth grade teacher, was known for the ruler in the handle.  Ms. Mitchell, was our music teacher, she taught us how to play LL Cool J's introducing chord to 'I Need Love'.  Mr. Guice was the concert band teacher and he was the high school band director.  He was well respected, but the weed smoking got a little out of hand.  Mr. Guice taught me how to play my first instrument, which was the trombone (bought by child support father) and it burned up in the house along with my mom's flute that she played in the high school band.  So I had to switch to percussion learning the snare drums, then moving to bass drums.  Snare drums stuck for a while, but did not transition over well for high school marching band.  Ms. Kirby was a good teacher. Ms. Brenner was my sixth grade teacher and I always enjoying chatting with her during my visits back to the school. Yes, it was always a surprise to visit the school, but Ms. Gillens, the former principal did not seem to mind.  Through the grades began my sales man days, I sold the McDonald's $1.00 chocolate bars. I sold Olympia Sales Club cards and stationery to get prizes. I raised money for St. Jude Children's Hospital.  I did Pizza Hut's Book It program for free personal pan pizzas.  Raised money to become Mister 5th Grade and participate in Cross homecoming parade.  I participated in selling candy.  In selling candy, I was the only guy and my competition was Shella and Shonda.  I bought my candy from the local stores called Nancy's, Thornhill, and/or Turner's. At sixth grade, I upgraded to sodas, chips, and candy.  For money, can crushing was big for recycling, and the original Coke bottles was big for redemption.  Plastics and water for sale was not available.  We lived near Lake Marion and Lake Moultrie.  It was fun.  Every time my mother dressed me up in a suit, they kept calling me preacher.  My mother's favorite store for us was Allied's Department Store, Family Dollar, Sears, JcPenney's, Barron's, Salvation Army, or Goodwill.  My brothers and I got along at school, but hardly knew we were there due to different grades.  I participated in cub scouts and boy scouts of America, and remember making the wood cars to participate in the Santee Cooper competition in Moncks Corner.

Cross High School (partial report)

The candy selling transferred over to Cross High, but stopped because it was not allowed and after the DeVrey fight for stealing something mines in Rev. Prioleau history class.  Ms. Bradley was a superb English teacher, and one of the teachers I grew very close to through the church and school.  Mr. Watson was so funny in English class with his fast talking.  Ms. Touchberry had a large birthday mark on her face and she was a good teacher, but reported me to the new 'white' principal for sending back individual 'Thank You and Appreciation gifts' back to the school.  Mr. Stanley was my favorite math/algebra teacher and math/algebra became my favorite subject through all my schooling.  High School was an adjustment.  Everyone was taller and bigger. Band transferred over Mr. Guice and Mr. Gardner were back and forth as band directors.  I did elevate from percussion to drum major along with Kia F, when no one else want the job. Who remembers the Trojan lean? Band! What! I remember the Spence days. I started on the track team and everyone knew I was fast. Cross had a dirt track.  My dream was to give back Cross High a real track, but it seems that dream came true after paying 20 years of real estate taxes. Seventh and Eighth grade I could not run, but Mr. Davidson did allow me to keep the score books for Cross and make the announcements.  It was fun and met plenty of people from Goose Creek, Stratford, Berkeley, and State Regionals.  In my classmates, I was the fastest one until Karashi Husser and Thomas Munlyn.  They were taller and slightly faster.  The 200m was my event though, I ran that curve like no other.  I was happy to be captain of track.  Mr. Harrison was a good teacher.  Mr. Nedd was the track and basketball coach.  Mr. Nedd did train me for basketball, but I made the decision it was initially too complicated and did not have the time for it with football, track, and marching band. While in self-reflection, I know all about basketball.  Mother and grandmother Sibbie played basketball.  Mr. Mims was the football and baseball coach. Since I was fast, I ran the running positions and just love catching the ball or pseudo quarterback to throw the ball, but hated being knocked around on the field while jumping in the air for the ball.  I enjoyed being corner or safety knocking balls down or tackling when the ball passes the linebackers. Cornelius was my competition on cornerback.  I envy Keon the most because of his sportsmanship and love for the game.  Most of the guys did not like undressing around me or showered because they thought I was gay or queer.  My athletic career almost ended when Jaworski landed or almost twisted my foot.  I did like becoming apart of the school's first baseball team, but it did not last long because I did not have time for it. Beckham was one h*ll of a pitcher though.  School was important to me as long as I made A's and B's, and become well competitions for those good grades was Chante (valedictorian), Tiffany, and Tirrell (salutorian).  Ms. Clemons was the business and keyboarding teacher. Again, my competition was Tiffany, she could type her A** off.  I am still at 40 wpm.  I did practice through my mom's keyboarding school and her Brother word processor.  Ms. James was the biology teacher and we were dissecting dead frogs and stuff.  Yes, school skating trips and marching bands trips were hot because everyone was at puberty and they were pussy popping/fingering pussy like crazy under the jackets.  Yes, I felt the hard dicks rub across my gluteus maximus after the deed was done or saw them busting through jeans. Saw the girls nipples all hard or smelling of their juices.  I was jealous because I was a nerd or shy, and just did not know how to be cool. My classmate competition on the coolest was Josiah, Keon, Antwan, Eric W., and Bryant. Eric F. was my best friend Sophomore and Junior years, but I do not what changed after Voorhees JTPA College Connection program. I participated also in the Jeddah Temple Youth Group, which combined ROTC with synchronized/performance stepping.  I participated in Cross High ROTC program and earned a $100 scholarship treasury bond from Lt Col Rice and <I forgot the tall guy>.  Holly was my best female friend and first cousin because we gabbing like girls. It was great to give back to the community through Berkeley KIDS and United We Stand after school program, which was held back at Cross Elementary (Shonda was the main driver to take all of us home).  The only participants I remember was Shonda, Chante, and me.  I remember that $10.00 check per week.  I attended Trident Technical College Upward Bound program my Senior year and was happy for that $30.00 check every month. The Upward Bound program contained members from Macedonia, Cross, CE Murray, Cainhoy, St. Stephen, and Berkeley.  Yes, Class of 1994, I am still your class president send Don somewhere else. Rodelia is secretary. Rondell is vice president.  I made my first 10-year collage for the future.


Name: Manley M Collins
Social Security Number:  5 7 9 - * * - 6 5 4 1
Date of Birth:  06/21
Place of Birth:  Washington, District of Columbia
Country of Birth:  United States of America
Date: June 23, 2016

Associates Degree Report

Trident Technical College was/is a two year school providing associate degrees, but really did not see myself here.

Bachelor Degree Report
ACT Score is 21 out of 30 at the time.
SAT Score is 900s out of 1600 at the time.
ASVAB don't remember the score, but I did pass.

New York University did started approaching me around sophomore year with beautiful brochures, but I did not know New York yet or how to manage the school because it looked so big.  After self-reflection, I see why New York wanted me there (Mayor or something).

Johnson and Wales University - Providence, Rhode Island - I was happy for the $1500 scholarship, but did not know Rhode Island and wondered with all the other locations/commercials. I did take photos finally when I made it to Connecticut.

Clark Atlanta University - Atlanta, Georgia - I was awed when I applied and got accepted, but there was no money.  I had an idea to come to Atlanta because it was a buzzing city at the time.

Howard University - Washington, DC - I was happy when I applied and got accepted, but there was no money.  After I came for my USDA internship, I was upset when the one of the students stated that Howard give you the money after you get in.

South Carolina State University - Orangeburg, SC - I stayed close to home and on campus only convinced by the guidance counselor, principal, vice principal, and mother. Yes, STATE had the reputation of "party school" and after attending, it did live up to that standard of "party school". I did receive the USDA/1890 4-Year Academic scholarship with Mr. James Williams at the helm. I would never trade this experience for anything in the world. I do thank and appreciate the quality education given while attending this University.  This is another, true sense of family or community I will never forget.

Florida Southern College - Lakeland, FL - I was impressed and felt so special when the students from the school kept calling the house.  Unfortunately, I applied and got accepted, but no money and did not know Florida.

Reading Literature: The Wall Street Journal and Harvard Business Review

Masters Degree Report

It was MBA time to get the degree after moving to Atlanta.
Average GRE score.
Low GMAT score (stayed in the 300s (3x) out of 800 at the time even with Kaplan tutoring service)

Schools Applied and Rejected
Stanford University  (Three times)
University of Chicago (Booth)  (Two times)
University of Pennsylvania (Wharton)  (Three times and interview two separate times)
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Sloan)  (Two times)
Dartmouth College (Tuck)  (One time)
University of Michigan - Ann Arbor (Ross) (One time)
Columbia University  (Two times)
New York University (Stern)  (Three times)
University of Illinois - Urbana Champaign  (One time)
University of California Los Angeles (Anderson)  (One time)
University of Southern California (Marshall) (Three times - interview once in DC at MBA Forum)
Emory University (Goizueta) (Two times)
University of California (Davis) (Two times)

School Accepted
Keller Graduate School of Management of DeVry University
First, I got accepted to the masters of science program, then went for the MBA.

Doctoral Degree Report

I was not thinking of a doctoral degree until I read the government requirements on federal schedule and just said why not.

Schools Applied
University of Phoenix
Tried to do or understand The PhD Project

Schools with Application and Attempt to Transfer
Harvard University Graduate School for the Ph.D/JD joint program (only held discussions and could not transfer)

For University of Phoenix,
1. I have sped read the textbooks and classes.
2. I am resending the textbooks, dissertation proposal, and research articles through by listening word for word from preface to appendix.
3. I started doing the exercises from the textbooks.
4. I bringing a network of PhDs and JDs from the university and other traditional schools/organizations. Right now, numbers are under 1,000 per network (LinkedIn, FaceBook, and Google+). Maximum is 5,000 per network hand selected from all forms of life.
5. I hope to restart again for getting committee approval for QRM.

Military School
United States Air Force Reserve Officer School (Prepared the application and paperwork, but I did not want Alabama)


Name: Manley M Collins
Social Security Number:  5 7 9 - * * - 6 5 4 1
Date of Birth:  06/21
Place of Birth:  Washington, District of Columbia
Country of Birth:  United States of America
Date: June 23, 2016

FAFSA SAR Report (All schools I am living on campus)

Devry University (Keller Graduate School of Management)
Harvard Law School
Yale University
George Washington University Law School
Georgetown University Law Center
Vermont Law School
Thomas Jefferson School of Law
Albany Law School of Union University
Seattle University
University of Phoenix

Pending Law Schools for J.D. and LLM (Active LSAC Application Ready) (Yes, LSAT score will be low, two times)

Albany Law School of Union University
University of California, Berkeley, School of Law
Boston College Law School
California Western School of Law
University of California, Irvine School of Law
University of California, Davis School of Law (King Hall)
Harvard Law School
University of California Hastings College of the Law
Loyola Law School, Loyola Marymount University
New England Law - Boston
University of New Hampshire School of Law
New York University School of Law
Pepperdine University School of Law
University of San Francisco School of Law
Santa Clara University School of Law
Seattle University School of Law
University of Southern California, Gould School of Law
Southwestern Law School
Stanford University Law School
Thomas Jefferson School of Law
Vermont Law School
Western State College of Law at Argosy University
Western New England University School of Law
Whittier Law School
Yale Law School
University of Toronto Faculty of Law
Osgoode Hall Law School, York University


Name: Manley M Collins
Social Security Number:  5 7 9 - * * - 6 5 4 1
Date of Birth:  06/21
Place of Birth:  Washington, District of Columbia
Country of Birth:  United States of America
Date: June 23, 2016

Active Campuses to help through MY hard times:
Emory University Athletic Field
Georgetown University Athletic facilities
Catholic University of America athletic field
Howard University student center and athletic field
George Mason University Athletic facilities
Prince Georges County Sports and Learning Complex
Roosevelt High School - Washington, DC
Thornridge High School - Chicago, IL  (present location)
University of Chicago Athletic facilities (present location)
New Balance Indoor Track - New York, NY
Carl Icahn Stadium - New York, NY
Keller Graduate School and Devry University (All ground campuses)
University of Phoenix (All ground campuses)

Alternative locations when not at a campus through MY hard times:
All neighborhood Starbucks (strawberry banana smoothie with four (4) scoops of protein) and Federal Express Office/Kinkos
Berkeley County Public Library
New York Public Library
Library of Congress
DC Public Library
Chicago Public Library
Connecticut Public Library

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Journal Entry #5 - United States Department of Labor - Talk About Every Employer


Name: Manley M Collins
Social Security Number:  5 7 9 - * * - 6 5 4 1
Date of Birth:  06/21
Place of Birth:  Washington, District of Columbia
Country of Birth:  United States of America
Date: June 25, 2016

Department:  United States Department of Labor
Topics: Each and every employer, SBA Programs

Applied to 1,000 corporations in varied categories.

Twitter Message to USDA Scholars and Interns, White House Fellows, DOC SEC Interns and Scholars, etc.:  I am applying to Senior Executive Service (SES) Level 00 positions, but it states to graduate from Leadership Candidate Development Program(s). OPM Site describes the program, but I do not know how to get the certificate.  Scholars,  interns, or those with the certificate, how do I get the certificate? Is there a specific title in USAJOBS site?

Position #1
USDA/1890 National Scholars Program - this was an awesome opportunity with Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) formerly name Soil Conservation Service (SCS).  Working in Charleston and doing paperwork on USDA programs was different.  I happen to wander all over Charleston and Berkeley county in the Chevy Beretta.  It was great meeting the farmers and talking to them along Johns Island, Sullivan’s Island, North Charleston, and other areas.  This is the time period - there was no GPS and technology was not there, yet.  It is always fun putting together soil maps to find out where I am going and the land that needed surveying.  Dewayne, Ann, and I enjoyed going out to the ponds and testing the PH.  There were three other soil scientists or engineers in the office because it was a combined federal, county, and city office.  Traffic to the office was not normal traveling down I-26.  I went to the Berkeley County office from time to time to learn the GIS system that coming in place to re-do all the soil survey maps.  I kept in contact with the office through Donna (she was new just like me) and inform me of updates going on with everyone.  I kept in contact with Ann Bentley as much as I could to get updates as well.  It is time to see who is there after all my changes.  No wireless communications or portable technology at the time. I did have to write a capstone essay/paper about my experience to get credit at SCSU.  I met everyone in the hiring process.

Next office was Washington, DC USDA HQ and UDC 1890 Extension Mansion near Brookland-CUA red line stop. It was fun staying with grandparents and just hop on the H8 bus to a 20 minute ride to work.  The adventure from this office was meetings, 1890 activities, DC activities, and planted some inner gardens with AmeriCorps.  It was building and surveying restoration and retention walls for the Anacostia River Watershed. Lillian was fun. It was very interesting on the influx of Greeks I was meeting at this office location.  I did attend USDA/1890 freshman class orientation, and gabbed/hung out with the interns that came in with me.  No wireless communications or portable technology at the time. I did have to write a capstone essay/paper about my experience to get credit at SCSU.

Next office was Prince Georges County Government Complex in Upper Marlboro, MD.  USDA provided another Chevy Beretta to travel from DC to Maryland (or all over Maryland).  USDA was undergoing some changes in replacing the old soil maps with new soil maps. While on government time, I took the time to talk with other government entities, such as Congress, and other SCSU alumni or South Carolina constituents in a managerial, director, or representative office. Also PG office sent me to other USDA offices, such as Charles County, St. Mary’s County, Anne Arundel County, Montgomery County, Howard County, Calvert County, and Frederick County.  Again, talking to farmers and getting updates on their agribusiness file to receive USDA benefits.  It was good to meet the farmers as well as the USDA constituents even for a day or two.  No wireless communications or portable technology at the time.  I did have to write a capstone essay/paper about my experience to get credit at SCSU.  I got my car and stayed at one of my aunt's house and cousin during the final internship in PG County.


Name: Manley M Collins
Social Security Number:  5 7 9 - * * - 6 5 4 1
Date of Birth:  06/21
Place of Birth:  Washington, District of Columbia
Country of Birth:  United States of America
Date: June 25, 2016

Department:  United States Department of Labor

Position #2 - Post SCSU graduation
United States Department of Agriculture - since the USDA did not have the funds to convert me to a full time employee, and I made the decision to go to Atlanta, Georgia.  I did not know similar experiences was happening to other scholars too on non-conversion.

Position #2 - Corporate America - United Parcel Service
I enjoyed seeing the brown trucks and having them send/receive my packages.  I was elated to be the consumer. The crew for a short amount of hours seems okay and excited, but the work for three (3) to five (5) hours was treacherous.  Oh my god, we got trained how to do everything in the truck, but the rule was 75lbs packages and scanning.  If I am 120lbs at the time, people were shipping 150lb packages and in which we had to stack the truck to the roof.  The assistance was only from the ground to the back end of the truck with two people per truck.  After one month or two, I had to find something else so yes, "I quit", but however, it is good to know UPS still have me on file.  There was no social media at the time, but beeper service began with Skytel - 8884157985.

Position #2
Start of Collins Incorporated - Atlanta, Georgia
Paperwork, Paperwork, Paperwork

Position #2
Microsoft Corporation - Seattle, Washington
I was so pissed at Microsoft. If I barely made it and struggled in Atlanta on 30K to 35K coming out of college, and just relocated from South Carolina to Georgia. Microsoft gave me the same salary to move all the way to Seattle, Washington. Someone tell me what is wrong with that picture.  At this time, relocation packages were not offered from companies to move OR was offered, but it would have been sunk costs. Yes, I still apply to Microsoft to let them see the progression and find something suitable.


Name: Manley M Collins
Social Security Number:  5 7 9 - * * - 6 5 4 1
Date of Birth:  06/21
Place of Birth:  Washington, District of Columbia
Country of Birth:  United States of America
Date: June 25, 2016

Department:  United States Department of Labor

Position #3 -
Barton Protective Services (now called Allied Barton) - my part-time security officer gig, which started in Alexandria, Virginia.  This was funny, I was working out of commercial building 1776 Massachusetts Ave NW and a high school classmate, Tequilla, was working across the street with another security company.  It was so funny.  I had the second shift and it was fun exploring the building at night.  Also, in another location I worked at was 313 Massachusetts Ave NW, it was a new extension to the smaller building.  It was fun taking naps in unoccupied lofts and resting on the rooftop with the pool.  The building was empty - no tenants because the building did not start leasing yet.  This was one fun part time job.  The next venture was Koyo Corporation in Orangeburg, SC during my senior year of college.  This was one solitary place; in which, I enjoyed making rounds and checking the gate during the night shift.  It really was no one around, but going through the offices and see how people live in the office was fun.  The next venture was transferring to Atlanta, Georgia to Peachtree Center - Marquis Office Building One right at the intersection of Peachtree Center walkway and entrance to the Marriott Marquis. This is where I met another longtime friend, Alan. I do not where my security friend/peer from NY, Tyrone P., went and he worked in Lenox Mall/Phipps Plaza Mall area for a long time, but it was funny.  That office building and hotel could tell some stories with fire alarms, night shift scandals, and always talking to all the visitors from out of town. Beeper service to the max.  I met everyone in the hiring process.

Position #4 -
Georgia TEMP (employer) and Georgia-Pacific Corporation (client)-
This is was fun.  I learned my first CAD software program.  I worked with plenty of engineers (most European), but it was fun.  They seems to have enjoyed me and even though there was a cafeteria, people took naps in their cars including me.  I learned how to provide technical support and customer service without actually having the engineering degree.  I learned plenty about lumber, 2x4s, studs, screws, 2D drawings, etc.  It was different as a business casual environment and driving out to Marietta/Smyrna, Georgia from Doraville, Georgia.  This was the day job.  I wanted to stay, but pressure began to happen to want more money.  I do give this job credit in providing more project responsibility, but I was young and did not see what the engineers were trying to do in promotion of responsibilities.  When it was time to deliver a new version of the software, they hired more temps to help me.  I left because I wanted a new challenge.  I love the job, but just did not see a career path in it.  I did return back to GP headquarters in downtown Atlanta on Peachtree Street, but it did not pan out after three months.  I met everyone in the hiring process.

Position #5 -
MCI Corporation (employer)
This was my first telecommunications and sales part time job.  It was in a new Alpharetta campus.  Driving up GA 400 in the evening was tough especially when eight lanes reduce to four creating a crazy bottleneck.  I remember my supervisor Mr. Washington, short, muscle, light skinned, handsome man.  It was youthful environment.  We taught everything from CLEC, NXX, NPA, RBOC, selling calling cards, multilines, switching those long distance customers like no tomorrow from AT&T, etc. Sometimes we get bad database leads, which ruins our week or goals. A girl, a guy, and I always try to remain in the top three to get individual rewards and help our team stay in the top five teams in the call center.  We help each other out on how to work the script we were given. Benefits were good and everything for a part time employee. I did attempt to apply for internal positions, but everything was new and it was a different hiring process.  Yes, this is where most of my phone experience came from.  I worked GP during the day, MCI in the evening, and Barton on the was clockwork.  Things went sour with MCI when WorldCom came in.  The teams were older arriving from Virginia and New Jersey.  The silliness in goal setting by tripling goals thinking that the new company name would get more business.  I left because it was too chaotic and all the cohesion was lost.  Everyone knows MCI WorldCom became bankrupt through the financial scandals of the WorldCom side in Atlanta, etc., the remaining assets were bought by Verizon (or now called Verizon Business).  I met everyone in the hiring process.


Name: Manley M Collins
Social Security Number:  5 7 9 - * * - 6 5 4 1
Date of Birth:  06/21
Place of Birth:  Washington, District of Columbia
Country of Birth:  United States of America
Date: June 25, 2016

Department:  United States Department of Labor

Position #6 -
Office Specialists (employer) and Media One (then AT&T Broadband, now Comcast) (client)
This was my first gig working with human resources and developing a new application database to keep track of trucking incidents.  This opportunity encourage me to obtain my Microsoft Office User Specialist - Expert certification for all Microsoft Office applications.  Human Resources used SAP for plenty of functions, but they wanted a niche applications that could be simple and produce reports on the delivery cable drivers regarding their traffic incidents.  I did the application within the time frame allotted. I never had cable service while in Atlanta. I think watching so much of cable on the road or in DC, it really never bothered me to create a bill for it.

Position #6 - Office Depot (employer)
I went through the process on getting hired for the order placement call center in Atlanta, but GE Capital offer came through.  It was a very small team for such a large company and retail store for the East Coast.

Position #7 -
Think Resources (employer) and General Electric Capital Information Technology Services (client)
This was the actual first real IT help desk job I ever had.  The cohesion began the day I came in Norcross, Georgia location.  It was less than 10 minutes to work.  I was spoiled. Most of GECITS clients were large companies, banks, and other GE counterparts.  Andrea, Darryl, and I always competed to see who will get the next Microsoft certification.  It was fun with the level one, level two, tier 3 helpdesk all at the same location. Taking 100+ calls per day was tough.  Mike Lisenby was the most memorable supervisor for the whole center and we kept in contact as much as possible even when the company moved to Covington, Kentucky.  Everyone was offered the opportunity to go, but I was not ready to move because I just got to Atlanta, GA from Orangeburg, SC. At this job, this is where I got the news my mother passed.  I stayed in contact with most of them that took the offer and moved, but they came right back to Atlanta.  This is the company that taught me to always cover my ass(ets) on everything.  I obtained my A+ certification and Microsoft Certified Professional certifications.


Name: Manley M Collins
Social Security Number:  5 7 9 - * * - 6 5 4 1
Date of Birth:  06/21
Place of Birth:  Washington, District of Columbia
Country of Birth:  United States of America
Date: June 25, 2016

Department:  United States Department of Labor

Position #8 -
TeleCommute Solutions (TCS) (then Netifice Communications, now MegaPath) (employer)
This was my second telecommunications learning experience working with DSL and ISDN modems, and learning high speed internet. I was on dial up internet until Bellsouth gave me some green alien like modem from Alcatel for DSL.  This was my first groundbreaking experience.  The company was a small business or one of those venture capitalist type companies. It was me and Chuck, European fat kid. Rick was at the helm of customer support.  Chuck and I were at it daily, and when colleagues saw we were getting along, they thought something went wrong. However, the company got more money and customer support expanded.  I got the responsibility to develop the first ticketing system for approximate six (6) to eight (8) people. As the responsibility grew and Chuck and I started to talk about placement with this growth, I asked Rick first for manager or supervisor position and then he hired a guy named Billy, a white male, and promoted Jackie, as customer service team lead. I had fight with HR. HR fired me. I filed EEO claims and took them through GA DOL. I did not know the courts at this time.

Position #9 -
TAC Worldwide-EDP Contract Services (employer) and MCI WorldCom (client)
This was my first 100% road warrior position. I did not know deployment involved so much.  Rick Jenks, was our team lead, and we all got along fine.  Charles from Chicago was in the team. I forgot the other white, stocky fellow.  I met my longtime friend, Stacie F. Phil was the overall project manager for all the teams.  This is where I learned about ghosting and imaging machines, setting up ad-hoc Cisco networks with routers and switches, and fly in/fly out.  The start of the deployment was tough with bugs and issues with the first images and shelling out 200 machines in two days per office location.  We had the largest coverage on Midwest deployment. Once our team got the network and imaging down to a science and we finally got to enjoy some of the cities/towns we went to.  This was my first visit to Mall of America in development, second visit to Chicago, and first visit to other Midwest states. AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) was the instant messenger of choice for all the teams. I met everyone in the hiring process.

Position #10 -
Hi-Tech Associates (employer) and Sprint Corporation (client)
Sprint ION was a little bit before its time because it was Voice Over IP on a DSL or ISDN line.  This was in a brand new building in Smyrna, Georgia.  This is another cohesion of telecommunication professionals, Davina (Dab-nah), Yolanda, A Lite Skin boy, another boy, and me.  We partied together. We had to keep each other awake on the night shift.  We worked on our resumes.  We talked about the customers.  I started downloading screensavers from the company onto my personal computer.  Before Sprint ION NOC folded, I tried to apply to Sprint Network Operations Center Hub, but they wanted more Cisco than I could give.  As a team, we tried to go to the next gig together. As of today, we keep in touch.

Position #11 -
Creative Source Unlimited (employer) and Bank of America (client)
Keith and Shandrena Cheney, this was my first experience with an African-American small business and a family business. Before there was Facebook or social media other than email, I was still doling out cards to everyone including my employers. I did not know how good of a project manager/leader I was until this company and BOA provided my first expansion project for their mortgage loan call center in Richmond, Virginia.  There were many projects going on from tech support to supporting Merlin in a Windows environment.  I got promoted from analyst to project lead and from 35K to 40K.  It was prototyping desktops.  My hair went through changes from straight to curly twists to schoolboy cuts.  It was the start of private client video conferencing and multimedia screens on a windows platform.  This was a mixed transportation from Doraville to Downtown Atlanta on MARTA, car, SUV, and bike. Robbie was a great tech person. Natasha was good until she told everyone that she was a stripper or XXX type of performer. Rosanne was nice. Tim was NFL size and narcoleptic, but it was scary when he would dose off. Farrell was the VP and Microsoft guru, and we all looked up to him and Keith. Charles was NBA size and always knew how to break the tension in the room with his sense of humor. Terry was the crazy white boy and thought of the craziest off the wall ideas. I appreciate Keith and Shandrena for entrusting me with their first social event at Dave and Buster's Atlanta. I think everyone enjoyed themselves. I was here when the 9/11 attacks happen and scrolled through CNN and all the media screens.  It was tough and confused as everyone grew concerned for the Bank of America tower(s).  I could not make any sense of the situation, but try to get through to family in New York/New Jersey area. Everyone turned out fine.


Name: Manley M Collins
Social Security Number:  5 7 9 - * * - 6 5 4 1
Date of Birth:  06/21
Place of Birth:  Washington, District of Columbia
Country of Birth:  United States of America
Date: June 25, 2016

Department:  United States Department of Labor

Position #12 -
Wackenhut Corrections Corporation (now G4S) (employer)
This was the down side of all the 9/11 situation. I left Creative Source when things got slightly too tough from 40K to 25K and the company move the distance from downtown Atlanta to Union City, GA and College Park, GA.  Supervisors were Terrance Hunt and Martin Pace.    The opportunity was with the State of Georgia.  I was working downtown Atlanta in the various booths at the State of Georgia. I met another longtime friend, but lost contact with Allen, State of GA employee.  I enjoyed working on the bridge from the parking lot to the building.  We had to work in all conditions.  I was attending Keller at the time, but struggled later to keep up with bills and rent.  I met everyone in the hiring process.

Position #13 -
Advantage Professionals (employer), Dell (employer/prime), and US Department of Defense (client)
This was my first government project and first clearance process. It was interesting traveling all the way down to Quantico, Virginia from DC.  There was hardly any traffic.  It was a Dell deployment for the new Marine Corps contract.  I met some team members, but it was such a short period that cohesion could not take place. Only email and cellphone was the mode of communication.

Position #14 -
International Spy Museum (employer)
I met Mr. "Mac" McClelland.  It was an awesome job working for this museum when it initially opened. I enjoyed working here and making my rounds through the museum.  I went through the exhibits and logged any abnormality. It was a great help to be able to do my Keller studies.  I met some great colleagues and loss contact.  It was good doing the nightshift because on the weekends when the clubs are on, we saw everything from people changing the cars, people (girls and boys) urinating near the garage, and/or having sex in the front seat. Unfortunately, we had a conflict - I was actually called and served on DC jury duty AND the job actually thought I was skipping out of work.  I met everyone in the hiring process.

Position #15 -
Computer Products Inc. (employer) and US Department of Defense (client)
This was an interesting and stressful job. I met Julia, Chris, Debbie, and Jason.  It was paperwork city in working to make sure the correction to the DOD contracts go through.  I worked with so many different systems to pull the packet together.  Due to Jason's management style, we were on pins and needles if had a report wrong or something.  We did try stay awake because we all know how government work goes.  I kept in contact with Julia, Chris, and Debbie, but lost contact later.  Debbie went to the DVA and had her 'black' husband drop by the job. Julia went to Florida. Chris went to another agency at the time and I think he went to Elon because he work the shirt alot.  I do not where Jason went.  I did go back to visit the area and that small area of Alexandria near I-395 is under construction.  While building a mall and other complexes, the neighborhood mentioned an old lady was not selling.


Name: Manley M Collins
Social Security Number:  5 7 9 - * * - 6 5 4 1
Date of Birth:  06/21
Place of Birth:  Washington, District of Columbia
Country of Birth:  United States of America
Date: June 25, 2016

Department:  United States Department of Labor

Position #16 -
ZeNetex (employer), Electronic Data Systems (EDS, now HP Enterprise Services)(prime employer) and US Department of Defense (client)
This was my next major promotion in resume. It was a return to SharePoint and project management.  I was apart of the process management and change management team.  The project was large and powerful.  It was to help repair the networks and area injured at the Pentagon from 9/11. This team had so much extreme positivity, it was abnormal, but we did produce results.  It was fun having everyone ride in my Expedition.  It was pulling hours to harden those servers and provide support.  It was nice to travel to the Chantilly area.  It was underdevelopment and I kind of poked around Herndon, Fairfax areas traveling up and down I-66 or US 50.  I am still reconnecting with team members from the project.  My hiring manager/program manager at the time still believes in me to do something great.  I met everyone in the hiring process.

Position #17 -
Collins Incorporated (subcontractor), B2B Business Solutions (employer) and Chicago Public Schools (client)
This is another opportunity to work on my business.  Donna was great and learned a lot from her.  This opportunity competed with Kraft out of Hoffman Estates.  Unfortunately, Kraft only offered six (6) months and CPS offered a year or more.  It was great working with Manny, Bill, Patrick S., Patrick P., Saul, Brian D., Tim, John, Mike, Rachel, etc.  It something else working the data center and reading other folks email. The porn some of these instructors or high profile officials were using, 'wowed' me.  SharePoint was great and learned alot and got to know Chicagoland for a 3rd time.  This was the first job I was able to walk to and get there in less than 15 to 20 minutes.  The snow, wind, and Sentinel cutting my salary from $60/hour to 75K in the midst of purchasing the Atlanta house. The neighbor, pretty, black girl from South Carolina I think wanted to sleep with me, but I did not ask because I was operating a crazy whore house out of my apartment. I made a longtime friend Langstan and several other Chicago people from Bally's.  I saw my first suicide from my apartment building - it was a white guy - and heard people yelling from the window, "was he gay!?"  I held on tight to my brown bible all night. CPS has moved several times from South Clark, but I see it from time to time while walking downtown Chicago.  This is where my third heavy crying activity starting happening and Chicago decided to get to know me when I decided to leave. I obtained my Network+ and other Microsoft certifications.  I met everyone in the hiring process.

Position #18 -
ITech Solutions (employer/payroll), Electronic Data Systems (EDS, now HP Enterprise Services)(prime employer) and US Department of Defense (client)
After leaving Chicago, I came right back to DC metro area.  This time back to EDS/HP under Mark W.  The brothers John and Mark was there from my last DOD project.  Tracy was nice and made everything loud and embarrassing.  I did not know my personality was that strong.  Donna T., Sean M., and the other lady got along and I kept in contact.  Even though, I hated the rules of switching managers because I did not know if it was singling me out or what was going on. This opportunity ended, but we are LinkedIn buddies.  I did not meet anyone, but the client in the hiring process.

Position #19 -
Collins Incorporated (subcontractor), (K-Force (employer/payroll), Northrop Grumman (prime employer), and US Department of Defense (client)
This was an odd, but unique opportunity.  It was in a closed off area and no windows.  I was so use to brand new buildings and a bunch of windows.  It was tough communicating (no cellphones inside) and relating to people like I normally do thinking they had to the same stuff I had. I had a vacation traveling to Italy and Aruba, and drinking plenty of expressos.  It was hard moving through tasks because I did not know it was 'thinking' job.  I was young and tried find out what the h*ll happened when I popped or thought my right brain went into the left.  This was my first civil case.  I did finish the contract, but it a long recovery period before my next major opportunity. After self-reflection, I did not know the economy was going through a major downturn. I tried to do Craigslist and AirBnb with my DC home before AirBnb or homesharing/roomsharing.  I met everyone in the hiring process.

Position #20 -
Abercrombie and Fitch (employer)
This was my first attempt to return back to the workforce.  I did do some acting gigs in the break and understand my brand. I did enjoy going to MAC cosmetics, purchasing makeup, and putting the foundation and concealer on before work.  I was a store model and greetings customers, but what I say people did with that store. It was no security except on the some of the clothes.  The cash drawers came up short. It was fun doing the task of folding one or two items in different areas of the store.  We tried to connect different times or closing, but it was so little hours and the staff kept changing monthly.  No cohesion could take place.  I went to New York and interviewed twice with the flagship store, and did not hear anything back. I met everyone in the hiring process.



Name: Manley M Collins
Social Security Number:  5 7 9 - * * - 6 5 4 1
Date of Birth:  06/21
Place of Birth:  Washington, District of Columbia
Country of Birth:  United States of America
Date: June 25, 2016

Department:  United States Department of Labor

Position #21 -
MVM Security (employer)
This was my first opportunity to feel the power of a firearm and pepperspray.  I did meet some cool colleagues, went to lunch together, and enjoyed the Smithsonian museum. It was short lived. I could not get accustomed to the belt hanging on my hips.  I made some friends like Rich and other dude.  However, I thought I was moving to New York again.

Position #22 -
Dunkin Donuts (employer)
Unfortunately, the move to New York did not pan out. I could have stayed, but I was still going through my issues.  I landed in Maryland.  This was another job during recovery.  This grew as a family with Monique, Eugene, Marko, Tia, Oliver from STATE, Erica, etc.  It was a 24 hour shop until another Dunkin Donuts down the street got robbed.  I came in on the nightshift, but it went to days and closing and sometimes opening.  Baking the doughnuts and muffins came into play.  Anytime we needed a sugarfix or caffeine fix, this was the place.  I tried everything on the menu and got turned on to lattes with plenty of caramel and half the expresso.  I still did not like the taste of coffee.  The job was about a mile from where I was living.  It was fun and unique living in Upper Marlboro, MD.

Position #23 -
Sedona Technologies (employer) and US Department of Defense (client)
This was another return to help stabilize the drought.  It was quick and fast at Fort McNair, DC.  I did not wander all over the base, but it had some nice parts and I did see National Defense University.  I remember Willie Weaver was my supervisor and think he was about to retire when I came on the project.  I did not meet anyone in the hiring process (only the clearance people)

Position #24 -
ATI Technologies (employer/payroll), Raytheon (employer), and US Department of Defense (client)
This was my next project and got another good friend called Sageer.  It was funny on how we were trying to do the project.  He was from Virginia. I was from DC.  We hung out, he brought his Indian friends, and we still keep in touch to update on what is happening in our lives.  Cory F. was the program manager.  I forgot the other young lady I kept in touch with regarding ATI (she was there the longest on her project).

Position #25 -
Collins Incorporated (subcontractor) and System & Information Services Corporation (employer)
This was my first pure Asian contractor. I was training people how to do SharePoint.  I did not have to follow Microsoft Official Curriculum (MOC). I kept in contact with my class and colleagues via email and Yahoo Messenger was the instant messenger of choice.  I do call every once and a while. Yiyan, Kevin, Geremew, James, and Don, I hope all is well out there.



Name: Manley M Collins
Social Security Number:  5 7 9 - * * - 6 5 4 1
Date of Birth:  06/21
Place of Birth:  Washington, District of Columbia
Country of Birth:  United States of America
Date: June 25, 2016

Department:  United States Department of Labor

Position #26 -
SiloSmashers (employer) and US Department of Transportation (client)
This was the entering of project management and program management city. Everybody was almost a project manager. It was headed by a woman, but it was family business as I learned everyone was from Virginia and subject to recall sometimes based on need.  It was fun and enjoyed working through three different locations - DOT HQ in DC, TFHRC in McLean, and SS in Fairfax.  One thing, Angela (CEO), kept doing and I did not understand it was standing in the doorway speaking to someone.  I did not know what it meant and I thought it was okay/norm to split the conversation.  I kept changing by sometimes going around the other entrance or something OR actually waiting for the conversation to finish.  I did not ask for fear of interrupting the trains of thought.  It was interesting of the company name and conference rooms had a baseball theme to it. I kept in contact with most of those from the company.  It was the first time meeting a program manager/project manager shorter than me. The young lady, Kavita, that did the project with me and Eric, somehow got the FAA project that FAA kept open and pinging me about.  I wonder who threw shade for that FAA project/position, but SiloSmashers laid me off.  I obtained my Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist certification.  I met everyone in the hiring process.

Position #27 -
Infotech Enterprises of America (employer) and United Technologies Corporation - Pratt and Whitney (client)
This was my first Asian Indian company.  It seemed pretty big, but I did not realize most Indian IT companies had the name Infotech-something or something-Infotech.  Dharma and Radha saw me cry the first time on the job when I had family members passed. Anil was a talker and was being mister director.  Brian, Dharma, another tall Indian dude, and I almost had a lunch moment closely running into a bicyclist from Brian's SUV. David and Chris were cool in keeping us informed about the project, but there was a slight delay about the upcoming Pratt and Whitney layoff. Chantii was a fun HR person to tell us what was happening in the neighborhood. Even though, it was confidential I did speak to a Carol D. as a therapist and life coach for the stressor in life. Ramakrishna and Shankar was a pleasure to work with for coordination of offshore duties.  Radha moved back home to Michigan.  Danielle was awfully close in talking all about New York, Atlanta, plenty of other places, and how we had to do one of the upcoming projects.  The company was at the end of its 10 year contract and talked to Virtusa and other contractors I met while I was there to come back to UTC, Sikorsky, Otis, or P&W.

Position #28 -
Tata Consultancy Services (employer) and Marsh (client), PSEG (client), (hidden clients - JP Morgan Chase and American Express)
This was one of the most craziest experiences in my work history.  I probably never paid attention on how big a company gets and have everything all-in-one.  Other than GE and Motorola with six sigma black belt programs.  HR process was similar to government application and I had to ask questions.  I saw Indian doctors doing research and development.  I did and saw you can do health and fitness stats through various company projects.  The logging of timesheets came for one project, but disappeared for another project.  Through all my crazy recruiters and beating out the NYS DCFS project/offer, Pinaki C. came through and offered me a position at Marsh.  Handling two companies at the same time was a talent and hardly any sleep.  I had a great time knowing Dhiman, Rahul, Chandrakaboti (name spelled wrong), Raj, Pamela, Siddhasil, Umashankar, Rachana, and Farook.  I did my norm of helping an Indian, Farook, first time to USA go everywhere he needed to go.  We did do the social holidays and the Indian holiday called 'Diwali'.  After my team and I did the application and the changing of the guard with John H., Farook, and Saby again, it was so odd for Pinaki to say, "Do not do the application."  I landed at PSEG and I actually listened in not doing the application.  I had to manage plenty of applications, including SharePoint, and it was energy applications and platforms I never heard of.  PSEG was interesting meeting several Kishore(s), Suman, Chaitali, Angelo, and Debasish(s).  I enjoyed working with the project team, and learned so much and getting updates from Nitin and another Rahul.  Nitin and I started cohesion, but he did not give up any information and then he left the company.  This was a sink or swim type of company because I went through so many crazy interviews between PSEG and Marsh that it angered me that a company would send me somewhere, and do a lay me off or make me quit.  I was highly upset when you released or benched me at the point I was getting ready for my PMP exam and graduate from University of Phoenix.  I did get my Security+ and ITIL certifications.  I did not meet everyone in the hiring process.

Position #29 -
Amazon MKE5 (employer)
Kenosha, Wisconsin...never in a million years I thought of this city or state.  Good thing I had interesting good friend from the Atlanta days (she was from Illinois), but it was entertaining.  It was windy and cold. I am on a bike traveling from another suburb of Wisconsin.  I was so out of place for this position.  I knew the job and talked with my peers, but everyone saw plenty of crazy from everywhere else (mainly NY stuff) that I have been. I had some great conversations, but people just did their own thing.  I tried to the rideshare before the actual harsh winter came, but my friend was changing jobs before I do anything else with the company or alternate with the bike.  It was a warehouse job scanning packages and building pallets.  I would love to come back, but I am unsure where my friend may have disappeared to in a split second (which suburb??).  Cohesion was starting, but something mentally was happening (pinging to forehead) and I did not know what it was.  It was a little bit of money, but it did what I needed.

Position #30 -
Maoz Vegetarian (employer)
I do not know how I missed this restaurant. It may have been apart of my NYC vegetarian group, but I must have missed it. It was great working with Phil, Nisa, Jackie, Luis, Sahara, AJ, Taz, Cinthia,  Maiya, Analysia, and Mirian, but something happened when I did not show up for work stated in earlier posts. I did get nervous when the guy you hired at the same time I came in. His crazy was bumping heads with my crazy, and a lot of my internal safety mechanisms turned on when he kept doing a unique type of crazy - you may call it a "conflict of personalities".  Maiya was hard, but became soft before she left.  Mirian was a very good worker and loved her job.   Luis, I like the rock too, got along good, and you cool, handsome Mexican in my book.   Cinthia was jamming to her music and probably get all of us to salsa in the restaurant.  Martha was funny and good sense of humor in Spanish.  Sahara always came in mean and kept giving me mean.  Analysia, we got off on the wrong foot, but every time I talk her, she did something else.  Phil was just there, and I mean he was just there.  Phil, I will text later.  I will social media everyone much later.  After the talk with Nisa and AJ's woman, I am passing it off as a seasonal position. We all did crazy in the mall or store or Rosemont community. It was a once and a lifetime experience working in the mall. This restaurant starred in a touchy battle on who make the best falafels, or the origin of the restaurant connected to religion.  It was a little bit of money, but it made a BIG impact doling FaceBook through USPS to most of all the folks I had pictures of.  For folks, this is what I eat or how I eat.

Position #31 (2016) -
What am I doing? Not a DAMN thing! Paperwork was sent somewhere. Other paperwork will be sent later. Still applying to 1,000+ corporations and going through the US DOL systems per state to find something. United States Small Business Administration (SBA), I am working through the workshops again for the third time for the first time in getting a little bit of money.

Rejection Rate from all other jobs (federal, state, local, city, retail, banking, financial, bike messenger, security, business, engineering, hospitals, healthcare, food service, education, acting) APPLIED: Going strong at 85% since 1998

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